Water System Improvements

Plainfield Township

Plainfield Township hired Prein&Newhof to perform its most recent Water System Reliability Study (WSRS), which identified a number of reliability improvements for Plainfield and Alpine Townships’ water supply system. The Townships’ next Capital Improvement Plan prioritized the WSRS-recommended projects over a five-year period.

P&N identified a funding source through DWRF and principal forgiveness, and submitted justification to obtain Green Project Reserve 40% forgiveness funding for a portion of the project and 15% principal forgiveness for the rest of the project. P&N developed the project list to maximize state priority points to obtain DWRF and Principal Forgiveness Funding. Five years’ worth of Capital Improvements were constructed in one project, leveraging DRWF low interest loans, Green reserve, and Principal Forgiveness to construct $7,750,000 worth of improvements for $5,788,485.

The project includes:

  • A 2.0 million gallon ground storage tank.
  • A pressure–reducing valve station to allow water from the high-pressure district to flow into the intermediate-pressure district in time of high demand.
  • A new, 4,100-ft-long, 24-in.-diameter water transmission main along Coit Avenue to replace an aging 16-in.-diameter cast iron main that had broken more than once previously.
  • A new 12-in.-diameter line crossing the Grand River that will provide additional reliability.
  • 8,400 ft of new 12-in.-diameter and 1,800 ft of new 18-in.-diameter water main in the Westgate area in Alpine Township to replace a maintenance-prone district of cast iron pipe.

One of the more interesting challenges that P&N helped solve was to secure MDEQ Permit to construct the new ground storage tank and associated site improvements in the Grand River’s floodplain. Previous P&N hydraulic studies determined the amount of compensating cut needed at another site to off-set the placement of the new tank in the flood plain.

This project earned recognition as meeting ARRA’s “Green Project” designation by eliminating leakage from the aging existing pipes by replacing them with new pipe, thereby reducing pumping costs and energy usage. This triggered the $1,600,000 principal forgiveness “grant.”


Project Manager Kevin Gritters, PE, (616) 364-8491

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