$3.1 Million in Water Quality Improvement Grants Available from the MDEQ

Governmental units, nonprofit organizations, and universities may apply for funding for projects that restore and protect Michigan’s wetlands, lakes, and streams.

Clean Michigan Initiative

Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Grants – $1 Million (25% local match) available to fund best management practices in critical areas of MDEQ-approved watershed management plans.

Federal Clean Water Act Section 319

Previously approved watershed management plans can get $2.1 million to fund priority recommendations, with a 25% local match.


August 8, 2013: Webinar on grant application schedule, program priorities, eligibility criteria, and how to successfully submit a Notice of Intent. 1:30-3:30pm EST.

August 21, 2013:  Notices of Intent due.

October 18, 2013: Full applications from invited entities due.

Visit www.michigan.gov/nps for more information.

Press Release.

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