$60 billion needed to fix Michigan’s infrastructure, says 21st Century Infrastructure Commission

Asset management is a key component to fixing roads, sewers, and water systems

By Brian Vilmont, PE

Today Governor Snyder unveiled the final report of his 21st Century Infrastructure Commission, citing the need for $60 billion over the next 20 years to fix our state’s ailing infrastructure systems. A key part of the Committee’s recommendations is to collect and use massive amounts of data to make better decisions about managing our infrastructure assets.

You can read Bridge Magazine’s article on Governor Snyder’s report here.

For the past three years, Prein&Newhof’s asset management team has been gathering intensive infrastructure data for sewer and stormwater systems across West Michigan. Using grants from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s SAW program, we expect our first published reports to be complete by summer 2017. Additional data will be added as P&N continues to assist multiple communities who received SAW grants and who are also working on their mandated Water Asset Management Plans.

If you have any questions about infrastructure asset management, please contact me at bvilmont@preinnewhof.com or 616-364-8491.



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