History and Values


Since 1969, Prein&Newhof has grown from a venture of two engineers working from rented space in Grand Rapids to an established business that employs more than 150 people across Michigan.

While working together in another firm, Ed Prein and Tom Newhof saw a disconnect between the design intent and the constructed product when the design engineer turned the project over to a construction department to oversee it. They saw how discontinuity affected clients and their projects, and they thought they had a better way. Therefore, they started their own consulting firm.

When Ed and Tom founded Prein&Newhof, they joined their creative minds, strong work ethic, solid values and ambitious ideals to create a distinctive engineering company, one based on the belief that a project has the best results when an engineer stays from start to finish.

From planning to client relations to design to construction observation, Prein&Newhof engineers still follow that philosophy.

Prein&Newhof has expanded to include an environmental laboratory in Grand Rapids in 1974, a Holland Office in 1994, and a Muskegon Office in 1997. In 1997, Prein&Newhof purchased Wilkins & Wheaton, a 90-year-old engineering company in Kalamazoo. In 2011, P&N expanded to Traverse City by purchasing Peckham Engineering, a small airport engineering firm. In 2013, P&N hired 12 former Wilcox Engineering employees and started an office in Cadillac. Our range of services grew to include everything from civil engineering and surveying to airport planning, asset management, grants and funding, and more.

Prein 1970

Newhof 1970

At P&N, we See Farther.



Our values have guided us since the beginning, and our dedication to them has made Prein&Newhof one of the most trusted engineering firms in West Michigan. But as common-sense as these values may seem, we cannot assume that our corporate character will take care of itself. We cannot rest on our reputation or presume that we know enough. Rather, we must dedicate ourselves to See Farther every day. We must live these values, and use them to direct everything we do.

Because choosing to See Farther isn’t one decision. It’s a hundred little decisions we make every day – speaking with kindness and respect, working with other offices and departments rather than against them, going the extra mile to do the job right, foregoing our personal preferences, making time to learn and improve our services, taking risks and accepting responsibility for them, telling the whole truth.

Develop Relationships

  • We will develop long-term relationships with communities, businesses, and our own employees.
  • We will work collaboratively with municipal governments and regulatory agencies to reach our clients’ goals.
  • We will communicate openly and thoughtfully, and we will remember that our actions always speak louder than our words.

Invest Wisely 

  • We will find long-term, sustainable solutions — refusing to cut corners or compromise quality.
  • We will make informed financial decisions that improve our service, build our business, and enable us to fairly compensate our employees.
  • We will use our time and resources efficiently.

Build Expertise

  • We will be experts in our fields, well-qualified to meet our clients’ changing needs.
  • We will adapt our services to better serve our clients, and we will actively solicit their feedback.
  • We will not be content with the status quo, but will constantly seek new ways to improve.


Take Responsibility

  • We will be responsible to our clients, our colleagues, and our communities to be completely honest and ethical in all that we do.
  • We will each contribute to the success and profitability of Prein&Newhof.
  • We will demand accountability, and we will reward success.


Support Our Community

  • We will be a positive force in our communities — making every community we live in and every community we serve a better place to live and work.

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