Bogner Named ‘Robert G. Peckham Consultant of the Year’

Congratulations to retired Prein&Newhof Senior Project Manager Gordon “Gordy” Bogner, PE who was recently named “Robert G. Peckham Consultant of the Year” by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Office of Aeronautics. This award was announced at the 2020 Michigan Airport Conference in East Lansing, in recognition of Bogner’s 50 years of service to airports across the State of Michigan.

The award plaque reads, “Your efforts and dedication have resulted in the successful completion of numerous airport development projects at our general aviation and air carrier airports. We [MDOT Aeronautics] sincerely appreciate your many accomplishments that have enhanced aviation safety and provided significant benefits to the state and national aviation systems.”

This award is especially meaningful as Bogner began his airport engineering career in 1969 working with Robert “Bob” Peckham at Peckham Engineering. After graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Bogner worked with Peckham for many years before moving to another firm. Bogner retired in 2019 from Prein&Newhof, which had acquired Peckham Engineering from Bob Peckham in 2011. For five decades, Bogner dedicated his career to improving airports in Michigan and Ohio. Having worked on more than 80 airports his focus has been first class civil engineering, which involves designing and constructing new airport pavements (runways, taxiways, aprons, hangar areas, parking lots, roadways) and reconstructing old worn out pavements, making sure all of these also drained properly while meeting FAA grade criteria. To learn more about Bogner’s career here.

In 2015, MDOT Office of Aeronautics changed the name of its prestigious Consultant of the Year award to honor the memory of former Prein&Newhof colleague, Bob Peckham, and his lifetime of devotion to developing and improving airports throughout the state of Michigan. After graduating from Michigan State University in the 1940s, Peckham began his work on airports for the State of Michigan in the Bureau of Aeronautics. He served in WWII and founded Peckham Engineering, where he built a reputation for sounds design and superior service. In 2011, at the age of 89, Peckham became a consultant for Prein&Newhof, helping his employees and many of his clients transition to Prein&Newhof for their service needs. Peckham remained involved continuously in improving Michigan’s airports up to his passing at the age of 92 in 2014. Bob Peckham is without a doubt the longest serving engineering consultant in the history of Michigan aviation.

We congratulate Gordy Bogner on this well-earned recognition! We know his work will have a lasting impact on Michigan’s aviation systems. We are honored that Gordy (2019) and Bob (2011–2014) both chose to entrust their clients to Prein&Newhof and to end their professional careers with our company.


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