Buchanan Welcomes Creek Restoration

Last week, the City of Buchanan celebrated completion of the McCoy Creek Restoration Project, which included restoring hydrology to a former mill race and improving fish habitat in the creek. A white oak lunker and multiple locations of large woody debris were added to the creek to provide havens for the fish. McCoy Creek is a designated trout stream so received grants from the DNR Fisheries and Fly Fisherman Association to help fund this project. The City of Buchanan had many shareholders of this Creek restoration project, including but not limited to the Pears Mill folks. They wanted the mill’s race hydrology restored to spin the wheel at one of the oldest working mills that is now a museum. The challenge in doing this was to not send too much water from the creek to the mill in interest of keeping it a pristine trout stream for fishing. To accomplish this P&N:

  1. developed a hydraulic model of the flow diversion and duck pond dam to identify the impacts of the proposed design,
  2. designed erosion control systems/structures at several locations,
  3. obtained the required floodplain permit,
  4. provided construction observation to make sure the project was completed as required.
Congratulations to the City of Buchanan for a long-awaited and beautiful result!
Tom Smith, P.E., looks over the bridge at the improvements as Dan Lewis explains to the crowd the improvements made as a part of the project during a guided tour by Prein&Newhof of the entire project to the public in attendance.
White oak lunkers under construction.
White oak lunkers under construction.
Lunkers covered in rocks and topsoil

[wpvideo iMC7Ab0a]

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