Cannon Trail – Now Open!

As an update to our post from June, Ralph the moose oversees new bridge installation, we’re happy to share the ribbon-cutting video for the opening of the Cannon Trail. The project was a 0.4 mile long, 10’ wide trail curving through Townsend Park. The trail made the completion and tied the Cannon Trail into “downtown” Cannonsburg.  See map: the new red section is what just got built.  It includes a 40’ prefabricated bridge over Bear Creek and 100’ of boardwalk over the floodplain and wetlands.

P&N’s Ariana Jeske and Scott Post helped design this trail and were in attendance – actually, Scott is filming!

Cannon Trail Ralph
. Ralph donned a Lowell Area Schools Pink Arrow jersey for the event.

Congratulations to Cannon Township!


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