Cities & Villages

Good infrastructure is more than just pipelines and roads. Your community needs practical, well-planned systems that will meet your needs today and help you grow tomorrow.

In some ways, your community is a complicated living organism. It has many needs, some of them conflicting. It can be very sensitive to change. And everything affects everything else.

At Prein&Newhof, we have licensed professional engineers who focus exclusively on Municipal Engineering. We see it as a specific practice area, requiring far more than technical knowledge.

A good Municipal Engineer:

  • Looks at the big picture instead of going for the quick fix.
  • Knows how decisions are made in a community.
  • Pays close attention to your laws and regulations.
  • Listens carefully and communicates frequently.
  • Finds grants to make your projects possible.
  • Considers how infrastructure affects people.
  • Knows that what worked yesterday may not work today.

Our Municipal Engineers are supported by a talented cast of other civil engineers, scientists, and professionals who specialize in water and wastewater treatment, environmental engineering, airport design, soils, geology, drinking water wells, GIS, surveying, structural engineering, road design, site design, non-motorized trails, tax mapping, and dams.

Prein&Newhof can help you with a myriad of engineering needs:

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