Important Information

Benton Charter Township is constructing a new water main along the east side of Colfax Avenue, from Napier Avenue to Elosie Drive. The project is intended to improve water system circulation in the area. The construction work involved includes open excavation to install the new water main and to provide water service lines for adjacent properties. Parts of the street, driveway, and adjacent lawn areas will be disturbed for construction and restored upon completion of the project.


Engineer: Prein&Newhof

Steve Oosting, PE
(616) 485–5953


Contractor: Selge Construction Co.

Christian Baybutt
(630) 449–8689


Township Water Department

Mike Baldwin
(269) 925–7874

Benton Charter Township – Colfax Avenue Watermain Project

Substantial Completion

Today, we are pleased to report that the project has reached substantial completion on schedule. During this past week the last of concrete and asphalt paving work was completed, along with pavement markings, topsoil, and hydroseeding. No further work on site is planned.

Property owners are encouraged to begin watering the newly seeded areas to promote growth of the grass seed. Property owners are responsible to resume normal lawn care when the grass is long enough to mow.

Please contact Prein&Newhof with any remaining issues or concerns. A site walk through is planned for next week to review any visible issues that may still need to be addressed.

Progress Update

The standard procedures for water main testing and disinfection are complete with water samples from the new water main passing the required bacteriological tests.  One final water main connection at Colfax and Eloise Drive remains to be completed this coming Monday.  Five of the seven water service lines have been installed. Road restoration work is underway. The concrete curb and gutter was poured today. The concrete base course pavement in the street is scheduled to be poured tomorrow.  The project is on schedule for substantial completion by the end of next week.  

Progress Update

Water main installation for the remainder of the project is complete. The new water main is now in process with disinfection, flushing, and bacteriological testing. These are standard public health procedures for new water main construction. The site grading needed to prepare for road restoration has begun.


Up Next

During the next week the disinfection, flushing, and bacteriological testing procedures should be complete and water service lines will be installed.  Road restoration work is also upcoming, with concrete pouring anticipated by mid-week.


Progress Update

With the first full week of construction work behind us, the installation of the new water main is about 55% complete.

The water main installation started at the north of the project (Napier Avenue) and has progressed to approximately 150 feet south of Elmside Road. It was a challenging week with heavy rainfall last weekend—several sanitary sewer laterals had to be lowered, a previously unmapped buried fiber optic cable was encountered, and a natural gas service line was damaged and subsequently repaired.

Overall, the project is a few days behind schedule, but we remain optimistic for prompt completion on the original project schedule.


Up Next

During the next week, the rest of the water main should be installed. Following the completion of the water main installation, the new line will undergo a series of steps for flushing, disinfection, and bacteriological testing before placing it into service as part of the public water system.


Construction Start

Construction began today with work on Colfax, between Napier and Eloise. Work crews are exposing and verifying several underground pipes that are expected to be encountered.

  • Southbound traffic is detoured along Napier, M-139, and Nickerson.
  • Northbound traffic remains open.



Benton Charter Township will be installing a water main along part of Colfax Avenue this summer. Below we address various construction-related topics that may affect you. If you have questions or concerns, please contact any of the project representatives listed to the left.


Water Main Construction

The new water main will be installed along the east side of Colfax Avenue from Eloise Drive to Napier Avenue, and along the south side of Messner Drive from Colfax to 140′ east of Colfax. Driveway approaches, curbs, and road pavement will be removed and replaced as necessary to install the watermain.


Water Service Connections

Property owners will have the option to connect to the water system upon completion of the project or any time in the future. Please contact the Township Water Department for scheduling and prices.


Project Schedule

  • Watermain installation is scheduled for the next two weeks.
  • Watermain testing and connections will follow.
  • Road, driveway, and grass restoration is expected to occur in mid-July. 
  • The project is scheduled for substantial completion by July 23.


Traffic and Access

Traffic on Colfax Avenue will be reduced to one lane moving in the northbound direction. Southbound traffic will be detoured along Napier Avenue and M-139. Side street intersections (Eloise Drive, Messner Drive, and Elmside Road) will be closed on various days for work within the intersections.

Access to driveways within the project area will be maintained to the extent possible. When temporary disruption to driveway access cannot be avoided, driveways will be closed during working hours with overnight access restored. Please contact the contractor listed below if you have a special need for driveway access accommodations during these periods.


Water Outages

Most properties within a one block radius of the project will experience one or two temporary water outages lasting less than a full day each. The outages are necessary to make connections between the old and new water mains. A member of the project team will attempt to notify affected properties the day before planned water outages.


Mail Service

Mailboxes along Colfax will be temporarily moved (to allow for construction) and reinstalled to their original location as promptly as possible to maintain mail service during the project. 


Trash Pickup

Normal trash pickup schedules will continue. When construction work hinders access, the contractor will transport trash containers to an accessible location and return them to the property.



Driveways will be removed as needed to install the water main and service lines and will be replaced in-kind. Most of this work will be in the public right of way but select areas will include pavement removal and restoration outside the right of way. Detailed construction drawings showing the extent of anticipated work at each property are available on the Township website at


Grass Restoration

Grass areas disturbed for construction will be restored with topsoil and hydroseeding containing mixture of grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch. Property owners will be responsible for watering to promote growth of the new grass.