Important Information

Benton Charter Township is replacing sanitary sewer along Francis and Eastman Ave and portions of Britain Ave and Crystal Ave. The new sanitary sewer will be installed along the centerline of Francis Ave, Eastman Ave, Crystal Ave from Empire Ave to Britain Ave, and along the north side of Britain Ave from Eastman Ave to Blossom Trails Golf Club. The project will be under construction April through most of July.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any of the project representatives listed below.

Engineer: Prein&Newhof
Contact: Steve Oosting, PE
(616) 364-8491

Contractor: B&Z Company
Charlie Binger
(269) 363-0358

Public Works Department
Andy Jordan
(269) 208-7275

Wastewater Service Connections

Property owners will receive new sanitary sewer lateral piping from the roadway to the right of way line by the completion of the project. Temporary disruption to sewer service may be required at times during replacement of individual laterals. Service disruption will be coordinated with the property owners in advance and will not extend beyond normal working hours.

Access/Traffic Control

The project will be constructed in two phases. Phase 1 of the project will include construction in Francis Ave, Eastman Ave, and Britain Ave. Phase 2 of the project will include construction in Crystal Avenue.

During Phase 1, Francis Ave, Eastman Ave, and Britain Ave will be closed to thru traffic within the work zone and traffic will be redirected via a detour.

Phase 1 roads will be restored and reopened to traffic prior to the start of Phase 2.

During Phase 2, Crystal Ave will be closed to thru traffic within the work zone and traffic will be redirected via a detour.

Access to driveways within the project area will be maintained. When temporary disruption to driveway access cannot be avoided, driveways will be closed during working hours with overnight access restored. Please contact the contractor listed below if you have a special need for driveway access accommodations during daytime working hours.


Mailboxes will be temporarily removed to allow for excavation and promptly reinstalled to maintain mail service during the project.

Trash Pickup

Normal trash pickup schedules will continue. When construction work hinders access, the contractor will transport trash containers to an accessible location and return them to the property.

Grass Restoration

Grass areas disturbed for construction will be restored with topsoil and hydroseeding containing mixture of grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch. Property owners will be responsible for watering to promote growth of the new grass.


Driveway approaches will be removed as needed to install the sanitary sewer and will be replaced in-kind.

Benton Charter Township - Francis; Eastman; Britain & Crystal Ave Wastewater System Improvements

Progress Update

Sanitary sewer installation along Francis Ave and Eastman Ave is mostly complete. The portion of the project has gone relatively smoothly, although slower than anticipated. Approximately 1,500 feet of sanitary sewer has been to installed to date which is about 20% of the total 6,750 feet involved on the project. The gravel roads, which include Francis (from Blaine to Eastman) and Eastman (from Francis to Norris), have also been restored.

Up Next

Sanitary sewer installation along Britain Ave is expected to begin during the coming week. Traffic will be detoured onto Empire Ave for several weeks or more while sewer construction on Britain is underway.

Preconstruction: Aerial Overview of Site