Important Information

Benton Township is constructing a new water main along Colfax Ave from Napier to Clardelle. The blue line on the map below shows the limits planned construction work.

Contact Information

Mike Baldwin
Water Distribution Supervisor
Benton Township
(269) 925-7874

Project Manager
Steve Oosting, P.E.
(616) 485-5953

Construction Observer
Mark Moored
(269) 779-4527

Pajay Inc.
Paul Oselka
(616) 292-4462



*COMPLETED* Benton Charter Township - Colfax and Napier Watermain

The Napier and Colfax intersection is now open to traffic once again!  The concrete base course pavement successfully passed strength testing on Monday morning. The asphalt surface was paved Monday afternoon and the intersection in now open for traffic once again.

The watermain disinfection process is nearing completion with water samples now at the lab for bacteriological testing confirmation. Other work remaining to be completed still includes a water service, sidewalk, driveway, and grass restoration. These remaining activities are planned to be completed by the end of next week.

Water main installation is complete. The new main successfully passed the leakage test on first attempt and is now undergoing disinfection process. The concrete base course pavement in the Colfax/Napier intersection was poured today. The concrete must now harden over the weekend before asphalt paving.  Concrete strength testing samples were made on site using the same concrete mixture used in the pavement. The samples will be laboratory-tested to verify the strength of the concrete before opening to traffic early next week.

Watermain installation has been completed through the Colfax and Napier intersection, and is now continuing to the North along the east side of Colfax. Watermain installation for the remainder of the project, which ends approximately 50 feet South of Clardelle Ave, will likely be completed today.  Once the watermain installation is complete, the new main can be leak tested, disinfected, and connected.

The Napier and Colfax intersection is now being prepared for pavement construction. A concrete base course pavement will be poured likely today or tomorrow. Once the concrete has been poured, it will need to harden for at least three days and an asphalt surface will be paved before the road is reopened to traffic.

Construction Begins

Construction at Colfax and Napier started today. Napier is closed to all traffic at the east side of Colfax. Through traffic is following a detour along Colfax, Nickerson, and M-139. Access for local traffic along Napier between between Colfax and M-139 is available from M-139.

This road closure is planned to continue until the middle of next week. Pavement removal in the intersection has been completed and watermain installation has begun. Watermain installation will continue across the intersection tomorrow. After the watermain has been installed and leak tested, the process of replacing the pavement can begin. Concrete pouring in the intersection is planned for later this week. The concrete will have to harden for at least three days and an asphalt surface will be paved before the road is reopened to traffic.