Important Information

This project is designed to connect residents in the Burger-Goodwood neighborhood to municipal water by an extension of the City of Grand Rapids’ municipal water system. There will be times that the area in front of your home is torn up and you will have limited access to your home. Please let us know if you have any special access needs and we will do our best to make arrangements with you.


Click here for a link to the Cascade Township Updates Website.


Click here for a link to the Water Service Connection Status Map.


Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field on behalf of Cascade Township.

Please reach out to or any of the below representatives:


Kevin Koster, PE
(616) 588-9019

On-Site Contact:

Payton Novak, PE
(616) 432-6700


Kamminga & Roodvoets
Chad Lake
(616) 949-0800

Cascade Township - Goodwood Water Main Phase 1

The Contractor has notified parties that water main installation will not commence until late winter/early spring of 2023. A proposed schedule will be posted once it has been received and reviewed.

Water service placement in areas located adjacent to existing water main is ongoing. If you have not done so already, please reach out to one or both of the two pre-qualified plumbing companies about connecting to municipal water.

If residents have specific companies that they use for irrigation, landscaping or repairs to any underground fencing, they are encouraged to send the name and contact information to

The watermain installation project is still slated to begin in September. However, the tree removals are expected to begin next Monday (August 1st) and the crews anticipate they will complete all the tree removals planned for Phase I. Trees currently scheduled for removal are flagged with a pink or yellow ribbon.

The City of Grand Rapids has approved two plumbing companies to complete the installation of water services between the watermain by the road and your basement. The contact information is listed below, as is a process of how the work is expected to be completed.


Pre-approved Plumbing Companies:

McDonald Plumbing
Attn: Grace Thumser
(616) 698-6771

BRIK Plumbing
Attn: Kraig Keegstra
(616) 277-1561


Process for Plumbing Selection:

  • The property owner can coordinate with one or both of the pre-approved plumbing companies and select the company that they feel most comfortable working at their house.
  • The plumbing company will provide Prein&Newhof (P&N) and the City of Grand Rapids a property specific quotation form. This information will also be available to the property owner.
  • P&N will coordinate with the City of Grand Rapids to review the property specific quotation form and verify that it is in line with the costs received at the time of bidding.
  • Once verification of pricing is completed, the plumbing company will be approved to complete the work.
  • The plumbing contractor will coordinate with both the City of Grand Rapids and Cascade Township for required inspections.
  • After completion of the work, the plumbing company must compile and submit all required paperwork to P&N and the City of Grand Rapids for review and payment.
  • The City of Grand Rapids will approve payments to be made directly to the plumbing company.

Current Status:

Watermain construction is currently scheduled to begin in September, pending water main material delivery. Prior to the water main being installed, trees within the public road rights-of-way will be cleared as necessary. This contract will construct the water main along the road and water service stubs toward each house. You will receive more information regarding connecting your water service from the stub into your house at a later date.

Water main will generally be installed along the west or north sides of streets. There will be short periods of time when water main is being installed in front of your houses and your driveway will be inaccessible. The contractor will work to restore driveways as soon as possible during the day and will ensure that all driveways are accessible by the end of the workday. Caution is advised while driving through the project area. For the safety of all residents and construction crews, we ask that residents be mindful of construction areas at all times throughout the project area.

The private side contract, which will install the service from the roadway to each house, is currently being reviewed and will be before the Grand Rapids City Commission in early July. It is expected that the list of pre-approved plumbers will be available to residents in mid-July whereupon residents in Phase I can begin contacting plumbers to get property specific plumbing quotes.