Important Information

Project Area Map


Contractor: Kamminga & Roodvoets

Contact: Jeff Talsma
616–949–0800 ext. 130


City of Muskegon Department of Public Works

Contact: Leo Evans


Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field on behalf of the City.

Project Manager: Matt Hulst

Project Engineer: Tyler DeNooyer

Onsite Contact: TBD

City of Muskegon - Beidler Sewer Replacement

Work Completed This Week

  • Lift station valve chamber and bypass connection is complete.
  • The forcemain extension between Southern Avenue and Grand Avenue is drilled with forcemain in place.
  • The 10-inch forcemain tie-in to the valve chamber has been made.
  • Surface removal of Crowley Street was performed Tuesday, while drive approaches and curb removal has begun.

Anticipated Work Next Week

  • The forcemain discharge manhole will be installed in a new location north of Grand Avenue.
  • Forcemain installation will begin on Crowley Street by open cutting.
  • Work at the Young Avenue lift station will continue, including electrical panel installation.
Young Avenue Lift Station wet well and valve chamber have been installed and brought up to grade.

Work Completed This Week

  • The lift station wet well and valve chamber have been installed and are at finished grade.
  • The first sanitary sewer manhole has been installed.
  • The 10-inch force main drilling operation is complete from Grand Street to the wet well.  Some connections still need to be completed.

Anticipated Work Next Week

  • The force main connections will be made.
  • The lift station site will be brought to grade.
  • Mechanical components of the lift station will start to be installed.
  • Crowley Street surface is scheduled to be milled on Tuesday, March 24, 2020. Open trench force main installation will begin on Crowley thereafter.

Design Change

Unexpected Frontier Communication utility locations have prevented the contractor from replacing the 24-inch sanitary sewer on Division Street as designed. Instead of replacing and lowering the 24-inch sewer between Grand Avenue and Washington Avenue, the force main will be extended along Division Street from Grand Avenue to north of Washington Avenue.  The force main extension is scheduled to be drilled early next week.

Work Completed This Week

  • Monday morning the contractor started installing the slide rail shoring system needed to construct the lift station on Young Avenue.
  • The base of the lift station is in place and back-filling has begun.
  • The 10-inch force main starting at Division Street and Southern Avenue was installed as planned this week and will be complete to south of Dale Street.
  • The force main discharge manhole was installed on Division Street near Southern Avenue.

Anticipated Work Next Week

  • Force main installation will continue to the south crossing Laketon Avenue to Crowley Street.
  • Lift station construction and assembly will continue through next week.

Work Completed through Tuesday, March 3, 2020

  • Trees have been cut down and cleared throughout the project area.
  • Piles of rubble have been cleared and disposed of in the easement north of Alberta Ave. and near the dead end of Poliski Dr.
  • The Young Ave. sanitary lift station site has been cleared in preparation for excavation.
  • The playground at the park at Young Ave. and Beidler St. has been temporarily relocated and Young Ave. has been closed near the proposed lift station.
  • De-watering wells have been installed at the Young Ave. lift station site and groundwater is being discharged in preparation for the wet well installation.


Future Anticipated Work

  • The forcemain piping on Division St. is scheduled to be installed by directional drilling on Wednesday (3/4) and Thursday (3/5) this week.  Dale Ave. between Division St. and Henry St. will be closed temporarily during the installation as the pipe segments will be fused together and laid out across the street.
  • Directional drilling work on the force main will continue Friday and into the next week in the alley between Division St. and Henry St.
  • Pending dewatering progress on Young Ave., excavation for the installation of the lift station wet well may begin as soon as next week Monday (3/9).
The City of Muskegon will be replacing sanitary gravity sewer from approximately Sherman Boulevard and Henry Street to Beidler Street and Young Avenue. The gravity sewer will be installed along portions of Henry Street, Pulaski Avenue, Beidler Street, Poliski Street, Hackley Avenue and various easement locations. This project also includes:
  • a new sanitary lift station installed at Young Avenue and Beidler Street, and installation of a sanitary force main from the lift station to Division Street and Southern Avenue.
  • replacement of the water main on Crowley Street between Young Avenue and Laketon Avenue, and on Beidler Street and Poliski Drive south of Hackley Avenue.
  • replacing various water services from the water main to the building throughout the project area.
  • rerouting the sewer services from the backyards to the new gravity sewer main in the roadway for many residents located south of Hackley Street on Beidler Street and Poliski Drive.
  Here's a map of the project area.  

Construction Schedule

This is a large project that extends through many areas of the City. Not all of the project areas will be worked on at once. Following is a tentative schedule for the work. This is a general schedule and is likely to change. This will be updated throughout the project so that you are aware of when your area may be impacted.
  • Tree Removal (Crowley, Beidler, Pulaski, and Poliski): February 17—February 29
  • Division St. and east alley (Laketon to Grand): February 17—May 1
  • Lift Station (Young St. at Beidler): February 24—June 1
  • Crowley St. (Young St. to Laketon): April 1—June 1
  • Beidler St. (Young St. to Hackley St.): May 26—July 31
  • Poliski St. and Beidler St. (South of Hackley St.): May 27—July 31
  • Beidler St. (South of Barney):  June 3—October 1
  • Pulaski Ave.: June 9—October 1
  • Henry St. (south of Pulaski): August 1—October 20


This is a construction site and in many of the areas heavy equipment will be present.  Much of this work is on deep infrastructure requiring deep holes. The Contractor will be making efforts to secure holes and equipment at night.  Please do not cross any barriers or climb on equipment for your own safety.  


The affected roads will be closed but will stay accessible to residents in the immediate construction area throughout the project, except for short periods of time when pipe will be installed across the roads.  Individual driveway access will be interrupted during periods of time for a few hours, but in all cases will be restored by the end of the workday.  

Driveways and Restoration

Driveways that are disrupted during construction will be replaced at the same location, and equal in size and type to the existing drive.  Temporary driveway material will also be placed and maintained to provide access to residences during construction.  Disturbed grass areas will be restored with topsoil, seed, fertilizer, and mulch. If you have underground sprinklers installed along the road, please mark the heads and approximate locations of the pipe and if possible, remove the heads.  The Contractor will attempt to avoid damaging irrigation systems however if they are damaged, they will repair them.  


The Contractor will make the necessary arrangements with the postal service to assure uninterrupted mail delivery.  

Garbage Pick-up

The Contractor will make the necessary arrangements with the appropriate waste management companies to assure uninterrupted garbage pickup.  Please write your name and address on your garbage bin in a visible location to assist in returning your bin to the proper house.  

Water Services

Many of the water services within the project area will be replaced up to the meter in the building, or up to 18 inches into the building if the meter is located within the right-of-way.  If your water service is scheduled for replacement, the contractor will be contacting you during the construction period to schedule your water service replacement.  The contractor will temporarily require access into your building prior to and during installation.