Important Information

Contractor: Jackson–Merkey of Muskegon

Brian DeLong


City of Muskegon Department of Public Works

Leo Evans


Lakeside Business District

Bill Schneider


Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field on behalf of the City.

Tom Eilers
Onsite Contact
(231) 578–7986

Dan Sorek
Project Manager
(616) 218–2940


Detour Map & Press Release

All work is weather dependent, which is getting more difficult the later we get in the season. The cooler nights (normal this time of year) are causing further delays with the concrete curing.

Please let us know if you have any problems with mail delivery, garbage collection, or your water system.

All construction is planned to be complete in November 2019.

Final restoration and plantings will be done in the spring of 2020 and should be ready for a grand opening in the spring.


Please share this information with your neighbors who may not have email. Dan will try to send out a weekly email update on Fridays to keep you all informed of the progress and what to expect, as well as any special updates that may be necessary along the way. Those emails will also be posted here.

*COMPLETED* City of Muskegon – Lakeshore Drive Reconstruction Project

Over the last hour and over the next hour, the water pressure for all customers is being restored. There will be more water main work again tomorrow and Friday that will involve some planned shut downs for a few hours each. Tomorrow’s work should not involve any disruptions of service, but the work on Friday may and customers will be notified ahead of time. We do not expect the water main to fail again like it did today, but this is why we are replacing a 100+ year old water main.

You may experience discolored (rusty) water or air in the line where the water may spit or spurt coming out of a faucet. Best advice is to run the COLD water from a bathtub spigot or an outside water line. Be sure to turn on the valves slowly.

Reading the comments on social media has been fun, but to clear the air, the contractor did not accidentally damage the line. The 100+ year old water main came apart while the Contractor was trying to make a connection with the new water main. Everyone responded professionally and as quickly as possible. All valves had to be checked and then re-checked to isolate the break properly. The valve that shut down the line was near the break and there were difficulties accessing it when the water main broke. The contractor and the City DPW did an amazing job to get this under control, repair it, and restore the water pressure in a matter of just a few hours. Job well done in responding to an emergency.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

As many are already aware, we had a large diameter water main come apart near the intersection of VanderLinde and Lakeshore Drive. Apparently we can’t get this 100+ year old water main replaced fast enough! Luckily, no one was hurt when the water main came apart.

This large water main break took some time to isolate and shut down so that repairs could be made until it is fully replaced. This was right where one of the water main connections was about to take place. The rush of water down the street washed out some sand and it did enter the sewer system. Most of it went overland into Ruddiman Lagoon, but some of it went into the sanitary sewer too. The water main break also stirred up some of the rust that accumulates on the inside of the pipe and there are reports of rusty water in the Lakeside and NIMS neighborhoods. The Contractor onsite did an amazing job redirecting the water and responding to the issue, as did the City of Muskegon Department of Public Works personnel.

There were reports that Lakeshore Drive was closed and a portion was closed between Palmer and Frisbee for about 2 hours today, but Lakeshore Drive is fully open for westbound traffic.

At this moment, the water is off to the water main break, but approximately 50–60 customers are also affected and do not have water along Palmer and Lakeshore between VanderLinde and Southern. The water will remain off until the repairs are made to the water main break which should be later this evening. Repairs are ongoing now to restore water pressure.

At this time, the City has not issued a boil water advisory alert, but when the water pressure is restored to normal later today, there is a possibility of air in the lines. Be sure to run all of your faucets to get the air out of the line as the water may appear cloudy due to small air particles. This will clear up over time. For example, if you pour water into a clear glass, it may look cloudy, but it will clear up in about 5 minutes or less. This can be common after any change in water pressure, especially with these water main connections.

Work that took place this week: 30-inch diameter water main installation is complete between VanderLinde and Palmer. The water main was tested for leaks and will now be tested for cleanliness before connecting it to the water distribution system. 30-inch water main has been installed between Torrent and east of Addison. 30-inch diameter water main installation also began between Torrent and Estes. Drainage structures were have been installed between Frisbee and Robinson Streets. The site was cleaned up and driveways were freshened up for the long Holiday weekend.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of May 27, 2019 with work resuming on Tuesday, May 28, 2019:

No major work will take place over this upcoming holiday weekend, but there will be representatives on site to take samples of the water main between VanderLinde and Palmer to test over the weekend to make sure the water main is disinfected. We expect the tests to pass and if they do, the first water main tie-in will occur where the branch of Lakeshore Drive comes in at Laketon across from the Fire Station. The water main on Lakeshore north and east of the project will be turned off for a few hours to make this tie-in. This will pressurize and make the new water main live.
Once the new water main is live, water services will be transferred over from the old water main to the new water main for homes and businesses on Lakeshore/Laketon between Vanderlinde and Palmer. These water line replacements may involve replacement of the entire water line from the building to the new water main. Access to the interior of the home/building near the water meter will be needed at that time and the interruption to that building will be for a couple of hours. These will be individually scheduled next week.
Once all water services are tied over to the new main, tie-ins will occur to the large diameter mains at VanderLinde and at Palmer to the remainder of the water system.
Residents who will have their water service disrupted due to these tie-ins will be notified in advance.
After the water mains are tied in between VanderLinde and Palmer, the remainder of the storm sewers will be replaced in preparation of the road being rebuilt here.
Water main work continue with a large diameter valve installation east of Addison.
Drainage structure and storm sewer installation work may take place between Addison and Palmer.
The concrete base for the decorative wall near Ruddiman Creek and Frisbie could get formed and poured.
Special water main gaskets have been ordered for the water main between McCracken and Torrent and that work may begin if the gaskets arrive. De-watering work will likely continue in this area as well.

Back-filling the water main trench near the intersection of Estes and Lakeshore Drive

Work that took place this week:

30-inch diameter water main was installed between VanderLinde and the Lakeshore/Laketon intersection. 30-inch diameter water main installation also began between Torrent and Estes. The contractor will build water main through the intersection of Estes tomorrow (Saturday, May 18), but will try to keep at least a lane of access open for the users of the Ferry, especially when it arrives and before it departs again in the morning. Drainage structures were delivered to the site and layout for new storm sewer installation between Addison Street and Laketon Avenue took place.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of May 20, 2019:

Water main installation should be completed between VanderLinde Street and Palmer Avenue. A tie–in may occur in this location late next week which will involve temporary disruption of water supply. Notifications will be provided 24 hours in advance for those affected in that area.
Water main will continue to be installed between Estes Street and Addison Street.
De–watering work will continue where water main is being installed between McCracken Street and Addison Street.
Drainage structure and storm sewer installation work may take place between Addison Street and Palmer Avenue.
The concrete base for the decorative wall near Ruddiman Creek and Frisbie could get formed and poured.

Work that took place this week: Water main began to be installed near VanderLinde. A few hiccups have postponed the installation of the water main at McCracken, but it will be installed soon. The water main has been installed between VanderLinde and Robinson near Wasserman’s. The layout of a new decorative wall has been completed near Ruddiman Creek.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of May 13, 2019:

Water main will continue to be installed in Lakeshore between Robinson and Palmer
Water main will begin to be installed between Torrent and Addison
De-watering will likely take place between Torrent and Addison to ensure a safe work environment for crews in the trench.
Storm sewer work may take place between Addison and Palmer.

Work that took place this week: De-watering for the water main installation began between McCracken and Estes. The de-watering water is being monitored closely to ensure the site is safe for the workers when excavating and safe for the environment. Topsoil is being stripped and stockpiled. More water main pipe and fittings arrived to the site and some water main has been installed near Frisbie and Lakeshore. We do not expect any work to take place, Saturday, May 4, but Saturday work is very likely later in the project.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of May 6, 2019:

Water main will be installed in separate areas on the project.
Some gas main relocation will likely take place

Happy Sunny Friday! Let’s hope the predicted $#@W doesn’t pile up too high tomorrow!

Work that took place this week: removal of curb and gutter, driveway approaches, sidewalk ramps and some sidewalk on the north side of the street. Installation of a dewatering system in preparation of water main installation. Relocation of numerous gas services in preparation of the dewatering and the new water main installation. Removals of storm sewer structures and pipes on the north side of the road. Dewatering (temporary, localized lowering of the water table) will likely begin at the end of the day today. Water main pipe was delivered to the construction yard. We do not expect any work to take place, Saturday, April 27, but Saturday work is very likely later in the project.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of April 29, 2019:

More trenching of temporary dewatering pipe to be installed
Water main will be strung out for installation through the project
Water main will begin being installed from McCracken to the east. There may be multiple crews installing pipe at the same time. As mentioned, we do anticipate some Saturday work.
With the water main work, we do not expect any interruptions to your water service until the pipe is installed from end to end. The water main installation will take several weeks to complete. Then it is tested to ensure the water in the pipe is safe and the pipe does not leak. After the testing is complete, there will be a planned interruption of water service (we will give you at least one day advance notice) of about 4-6 hours to tie in one end of the new water main. Then the Contractor will go through and replace each individual water service from inside the building to the new water main. When this happens, there will be an interruption of about an hour. Again, we will give you as much notice as possible and an adult will need to be present at that time to provide access to the connection point inside the building. We will provide more detailed information on that process when we get closer. There will be a 2nd planned interruption of about 4-6 hours to tie in the other side of the new water main so it is looped from both directions and the old water main will be taken out of service.

Below is a photo of the trenching equipment that installed the dewatering pipe:

This week the new traffic configuration was set up and the work was focused primarily on the removal of the pavement., which was completed today. Manhole structures in the road were removed. The removal of the north side curb and gutter and concrete driveway approaches has begun. We do not expect any work to take place tomorrow, Saturday, April 20. However, Saturday work is very likely in the future.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of April 22, 2019:

Continued removal of the concrete curb and gutter on the north side.
Removal of the storm sewer on the north side.
De-watering preparation for the water main installation.
Other private utility work in preparation of water main.
Driveway approaches will be removed, but access will be maintained on gravel.
Layout of the water main will begin for installation the week of April 29.

The detour is in place and the barrels have already been put up. Please remind everyone you see, that the road is open, but only one lane is open and that is on the south side of the road for WESTBOUND Traffic (To the Beach). Yes, it feels awkward to drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, but once the road is removed on the north side, it will feel more comfortable.

If you live or have a business on the south side of the road – NO RIGHT TURNS on to Lakeshore Drive.
If you live or have a business on the north (Muskegon Lake) side of the road – NO LEFT TURNS onto Lakeshore Drive.
There is No Parking on Lakeshore Drive during construction. Access to the side streets will remain.
We are expecting the traffic to be like this until the end of June when we are hoping the north half of the road will finished and we will move that single westbound lane onto the new concrete!
The planters have been temporarily moved to the northeast corner of the parking lot on the north side of Lakeshore Drive, just west of Mann.

Here is what to expect the week of April 15, 2019:

More equipment and materials will be delivered to the job site and it will begin to occupy the construction zone which will help keep traffic out of the construction area.
The manhole covers and other infrastructure in the road will be lowered below the existing pavement.
The road surface will be removed – currently scheduled for Tuesday, April 16, 2019.
Curb and gutter and storm drains will be removed on the north side.
Dewatering will be installed in preparation of the water main installation.
Driveway approaches will be removed but access will be maintained (on gravel). Please Note: If you have multiple drives, not all drives can/will be kept open to keep the construction moving as quickly as possible.
Layout of the new water main will begin.

Construction is expected to begin the week of April 15, 2019. Eastbound traffic will be diverted at Lincoln Street to Sherman Boulevard to Barclay Street. Westbound traffic will be moved to the south side of the road during the first phase of construction. During this phase, the north half of the road will be removed and a new 30–inch diameter water main will be installed in the middle of the road. Once the water main is complete, storm drains will be installed and the north half of the roadway will be rebuilt with a concrete surface similar to what is on Laketon Avenue east of Lakeshore Drive today.

The first phase should be complete by the end of June 2019, and then the westbound traffic will be moved to the north side of the road on the new pavement. The south half will be rebuilt and 2–way traffic is expected to be open again near the end of July 2019. The sidewalks, new lighting, furniture and other site features will be built during the month of August and the entire project should be complete just after Labor Day 2019.

During construction, there will be no on street parking. Access to driveways and side streets will remain as much as possible, but will be limited when new pipe is built across the front of a driveway or through an intersection. We will do our best to communicate on a weekly basis with project updates and other important reminders.