Important Information

The City of Walker is removing the Walker Avenue Bridge over the Coopersville & Marne railroad tracks (located between Sharp Drive NW and Waldorf Street NW). An at-grade railroad crossing will then be constructed.


Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field on behalf of the City of Walker.

Jason Washler, PE
Project Manager
(616) 822–6790

*COMPLETED* City of Walker – Walker Avenue and Coopersville & Marne Railway Improvements

Walker Avenue is officially open!

The railroad signals are still not operational, but all rail traffic will stop at the crossing and only proceed with flaggers in place to stop traffic. The signals are anticipated to be operational later this week.

Thanks to everyone for their patience during this project. Please call Jason Washler if you have any questions.

The project continues to make progress and is ahead of schedule. The Coopersville & Marne Railway will begin using the new rail tomorrow.  However, Walker Avenue will remain closed for a few more weeks. Please refrain from driving into or through the project site. This is very important for the construction staff's safety, as well as your safety. There is still a lot of work that needs to happen before Walker Avenue can be used safely by the public. Thank you for your continued patience. Please call Jason Washler if you have any questions.
The project continues to make significant progress. The project is back on schedule with the railway anticipated to be open by the end of July and the road open near the end of August or beginning of September. Please continue to avoid the project site by finding an alternate route. Please call Jason Washler if you have any questions or concerns.
The weather has slowed progress a little bit, but generally speaking the project is still on schedule. The Contractor is focused on constructing the storm sewer system at the new railroad crossing on Walker Avenue east to the ravine, as well as mass grading to balance the site. No changes to the detour route or traffic control yet; we don’t anticipate a route change for several weeks. Please continue to avoid this area during construction for the safety of the contractor and yourself. Please call Jason Washler if you have any questions or concerns.
The bridge on Walker Avenue over the Coopersville & Marne Railway has been removed. There will not be access through this section of Walker Avenue for several months. Please follow the detour posted on site (see map above). The Walker Police Department has started increased patrols of the project site and is writing tickets for unauthorized vehicles. Over the next week, the Contractor will be working on removing the remnants of the demolished bridge, laying storm sewer pipe to convey storm water to the ravine, and continuing moving soil. DTE and Consumer’s Energy are also expected to be on site to work on some of their facilities. Please call Jason Washler if you have any questions or concerns.  
Construction started on Monday, April 27.  Walker Avenue is now closed to all traffic from Waldorf to the Bissell driveway south of the bridge.
  • Access to Bissell is available only from the south.
  • Access to MST is available from the north on Walker Avenue.
  • Access to Walker Self Storage and all other businesses on Waldorf is available from the east on Waldorf.
  Starting today, the existing asphalt pavement is being removed. The water main along Walker Avenue is going to be temporarily shutdown on Saturday, May 2 from 8:00AM to noon—all impacted properties have been contacted separately. Bridge demolition is expected to start next Monday, May 4. For the safety of the workers and yourself, please do not move temporary traffic control devices or drive through the project site. Please call Jason Washler with questions.
The project team is currently working toward a revised start date of April 27. This means that the bridge over the Coopersville & Marne Railway, Walker Avenue from Waldorf Street to Bissell’s main entrance and Waldorf Street at Walker Avenue will be closed starting on April 27. We appreciate everyone’s continued patience and understanding. As always, Contact Jason Washler if you have questions.
The Walker Avenue project has been delayed further due to the COVID-19 crisis. The contractors, city staff, and other stakeholders are monitoring the situation very closely and remain committed to keeping everyone safe. We will update this site again once we have a confirmed start date. Meanwhile, private utility companies may be on the project site completing work that is necessary prior to the actual bridge demolition. Other site maintenance activities may also take place during this prolonged delay. Thank you for your continued patience. Feel free to contact Jason Washler if you have any questions.
The Walker Avenue and Coopersville & Marne Railway Improvement project that was scheduled to start on April 1 has been postponed two weeks because of the Governor’s Executive Order. There are several private utility companies that have work to finish before the project can begin. These private utility companies, their contractors and suppliers have also been impacted by the Executive Order. It is our goal to minimize the amount of time that Walker Avenue is closed during construction and to minimize the risk for service interruptions to nearby businesses.
The tree clearing operation is mostly complete along Walker Avenue and the Coopersville & Marne Railway. Starting tomorrow, March 5, private utility companies will begin relocating some of their facilities. This work may require lane closures on Walker Avenue and Waldorf Street from time to time. Walker Avenue is still scheduled to be closed within the project limits on April 1, and the bridge is scheduled to be demolished the week of April 6. Thank you for your cooperation during this project. Please feel free to call Prein&Newhof Project Manager Jason Washler with any questions.