Important Information

New water main is being installed to provide public water service to those areas affected by PFAS contamination. The project includes running services and connections into each home if requested by the homeowner at this time.

Service request forms with instructions will be mailed to residents.

All work is scheduled to be completed on or before August 2021.


Please email any questions or concerns to

Cooper Township & City of Parchment – New Water Main Project

Now that cooler and wetter weather has arrived, the Contractors will be back to re-establish lawn restoration and fix any settlement areas. If new seeding is put down along your frontage, please make sure it gets watered to establish the seed germination and grass growth. Also, mowing after the grass is 2 inches tall is required to keep weed growth down while the grass establishes. This will be important in the spring again when grass growth restarts. An application of crabgrass preventer in the spring is also recommended.

All of the 400+ requested service connections have been completed. You should check with your home insurance company about reduced rates now that fire hydrants are active in your neighborhood.


Spring has finally arrived, allowing water main installation to begin again on G Avenue, Mt. Olivet, the McKinley neighborhood, and on Glendale Avenue. Work is scheduled to start on April 5, so please be aware there will be lane closures and detours.

Work on individual water service installations has already resumed so those who have signed up to receive a connection should be contacted soon for an installation appointment. We have many services to install so this process may take 2-3 months before all of them are completed.

Lawn and other restoration work will be underway as soon as the danger of frost has passed. We hope that will be in the next three weeks and that we will be completely wrapped up by early summer.

The contractors have finished installing all the water main that they could this year, but they will be back in the spring to work on those segments not yet installed. Almost all of the street side water services have been installed (water main to the property line) and the contractor is gearing up to start making the connections from the property line into the houses starting after Thanksgiving. Property owners will be contacted by the contractor’s plumber for appointments to get into the homes and plan out the internal connections. Service work will continue this year until significant winter weather sets in. Any services not connected this year will be taken care of as soon as weather allows in the spring.

Preliminary restoration is almost done and we recognize that water is collecting in some areas. However as soon as grass begins to grow, the amount of water runoff should reduce significantly and puddles should go away. Since we will not get any real grass growth this year, we will be back in the spring and fix whatever needs to be taken care of as soon as weather allows. The contractors are not going to try to do much more detailed restoration work as they will make a mess and do more harm than good because we are out of the growing season. The contractors are currently putting in erosion blankets in some of the washout-prone areas to help get us through winter. We will of course have them back in if we do get a washout before spring.

We are not done with the project and if something needs to be addressed, we will be back in the spring to get all the detail work taken care of. What is being done now is just to button up the areas before winter. It is not the final restoration effort yet.

Water Service Charges

We have had several questions regarding potential water service charges when connecting to the public water system. Noted below are a few average costs. Please note that your exact costs will vary with your specific water use.

Water bills show two primary charges: Water Availability (pays for things like water tanks, water treatment, etc.) and Water Use (individual water use in a home). Water Availability for a residence is typically around $45 per quarter. Water use is charged at $0.66 per cubic meter of water (about 265 gallons). For an average residential user, that would be around $45 per quarter. So, a total bill for the average resident would be around $90 each quarter (every three months.)

Additional water uses could include watering a ½ acre lot with ½” of water, which costs around $10 per watering, or filling an average pool, which has around 20,000 gallons and costs around $50 to fill.

Progress Report

The first stage of construction has begun and water main installation is progressing well. The second stage of construction will start on September 8 with a second contractor. Home connections will begin once we have sections of the water main in-service. Please return your service request forms as soon as possible so your connection can be scheduled.