Important Information

This project will include removal and replacement of sanitary sewer and laterals, sections of storm sewer, water main replacement including water services, and roadway removal and replacement including curb and gutter and driveway approaches. Sidewalk removal and replacement will be in areas impacted from utility installation. Tree removals will occur in areas within the right of way in conflict with proposed utility installation.


Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field on behalf of the City of Coopersville.


Kevin Kieft, PE
(231) 798-0101

On-Site Contact:

Richard Taglione, PE
(906) 369-0239

Jed Lee
(231) 288-7775


Georgetown Construction
Steve Crane, Project Manager
(616) 669-6000


Tentative Schedule – Pending water main material delivery:

Tree Removals: Prior to May 9th – TBD

Week of May 9th: Mobilization and construction commencement

Water Main Installation: May and June 2022

Roadway Removal: June 2022

Sanitary Sewer Installation: June and July 2022

Storm Sewer: July 2022

Street Restoration: August 2022


There will be times that the area in front of your homes is torn up and you will have limited access to your home. Please let us know if you have any special access needs and we will do our best to make arrangements with you.

The contractor will be contacting you to make arrangements for mail delivery and garbage collection. Please let us or the City know if you have any problems with this.

City of Coopersville – Sunset; Greenfield; Oriole; John Street Utility and Street Improvements

All underground and road construction within the project site has been completed. Crews will be on site periodically to complete remaining minor outstanding punch list items.

Although spreading top soil and grass seed has been complete on site, the Contractor will likely be back on site in the spring to re-apply seed and topsoil to areas that did not establish vegetation.


All concrete work on Sunset Street and Oriole Street has been poured including curb and gutter, driveway approaches, and sidewalk. Greenfield Street has all concrete curb and sidewalk complete, with some half driveways remaining. Crews have started restoration efforts by placing topsoil on all green areas which have been disturbed from construction. New aggregate material has been spread on Sunset Street, Greenfield Street, and Oriole Street improving access to the project site.


The first course of asphalt paving is anticipated is anticipated to occur the week of October 10th, with the final course of asphalt paving likely to follow the following week. Access to homes will be limited during paving operations, with guidance from crews on site.

Construction crews have completed all sanitary sewer construction on Greenfield St, which completes all sanitary sewer construction on site. Storm sewer installation is complete on Sunset and Oriole, with some storm sewer work remaining on Greenfield  and John. Center Street is completely restored and is now open to traffic. Road reconstruction on Sunset Street has started, and will continue next week as well as road work on Greenfield Street.

Concrete curb, sidewalk, and driveways will start to be poured on Sunset Street, Greenfield Street, and Oriole Street starting as early as next week. Crews will be communicating with residents in the upcoming weeks about access limitations during the concrete pour.

This Week

Construction crews have completed all new water service installations. All sanitary sewer has been installed on Sunset Street and John Street, with sanitary sewer installation continuing on Greenfield Street. Storm sewer work on Sunset Street has started and will continue until complete.

The contractor has begun restoration efforts on Center Street with concrete curb being poured and asphalt road restoration soon to follow.

Concrete Curb, sidewalk, and driveways will start to be poured on Sunset Street, Greenfield Street, and Oriole Street once a majority of all underground pipe work is completed in the upcoming weeks. Crews will be communicating with residents in the upcoming weeks about access limitations during the concrete pour.

This Week

Construction crews completed testing of the water main along with connection of the new main to Fieldstone and Division Street Main.

Water services are being installed and are about 50% complete with short side services (those properties on the same side of the road as the water main) complete.  Long side services are anticipated to be completed this week.  Connection of the new main at Center Street is anticipated the week of August 15.

The new sanitary sewer has been connected at Center Street and installed to the west past Oriole Street.  Sanitary sewer work will resume once water services are complete.

Crews began removal of pavement on Greenfield in preparation of the long side water services and sanitary sewer.

This Week

  • Construction crews completed pressure testing of the new water main.
  • Chlorination and testing is scheduled to be completed by 7/18/22.
  • Road removals from Center Street to west of Oriole Street have begun in preparation of sanitary sewer beginning at Center Street on Monday July 18th.
  • Georgetown Construction completed an access drive at the end of Greenfield and John Street out to Fieldstone for use during the upcoming week when access will be limited with the sewer construction on Sunset.
  • Water service replacement work will begin following completion of all water main testing.


Please be cautious and courteous to other drivers when using the access drive to Fieldstone and as always please be aware of construction equipment and materials deliveries occurring throughout the project area.

This Week

Water main construction on Sunset Street has been completed. Water main construction on Greenfield Street will continue this week into next week. Water main construction will continue for approximately the next 3 weeks until new water services can be tied on to the new main. Sunset Street and Greenfield Street will remain opened during construction with access limited at times.

This Week

Georgetown Construction will be on site to start project construction on Monday, June 6th. Georgetown will be mobilizing equipment on site and will be working on pavement removals to accommodate for water main construction. Water main installation may begin before the week’s end.

This Week

Crews will complete tree removals on the project. Schedule remains pending on material deliveries.