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Ottawa County Parks and Recreation - Idema Explorers Trail, Stearns Bayou Section

Important Information

This latest extension of the Idema Explorers Trail will close the gap between Grand Haven Township’s network at 144th Avenue and Green Street to Connor Bayou. Notably this project includes a new pathway lane on the bridge over Stearns Bayou.


P&N Engineer
Scott Post

P&N Construction Observer
Justin Ball

Miller LS Bridge Construction, LLC
Mr. Scott Miller

Ottawa County Parks and Recreation
Mr. Curt TerHaar

Progress Report:

  • This week Miller Bridge continued work on expansion joint replacement on the Green Street Bridge, including competing the sand blasting of the existing beams and installing new pins and hangers at both joints.
  • They also continued working on the pathway, east from 144th Avenue. Work has included brush removal, topsoil removal and stockpile, and placing sand, and gravel.
Upcoming Work:
  • Next week Miller Bridge will begin work on installing new expansion joints on the bridge. They are also planning to begin installing the new H-Piles in the Bayou for bridge expansion.
  • Work will also continue work on pathway towards the Green Street Bridge.

This week Miller Bridge continued work on maintenance items on the Stearns Bayou bridge, including expansion joint replacement and metalizing the existing beams at the joints. In addition, starting at 144th Avenue and moving east, crews continued work on the pathway, stripping topsoil and placing sand and gravel base.

Next week Miller anticipates continuing work on the bridge joint replacement, starting with placing forms and pouring new concrete for the joint. Work on the pathway will continue as well. Miller plans to remove driveways as necessary and replace the driveways with temporary gravel for access.