Important Information

The City of Kalamazoo is installing water main and water services in Richland Township along D Avenue, 35th Street, and CD Avenue.


Contractor: Pajay Construction


Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field on behalf of the City.

Alex Robershotte
Field Engineer
(978) 758–8978


Brian Vilmont
Engineering Project Manager
(616) 250–2486


City of Kalamazoo

Within City Limits: 3-1-1

Outside of City Limits: (269) 337–8000

City of Kalamazoo – Richland Township Water Main Extension Project

All main line water main has been installed and has been placed in service. Currently, individual water service installations are underway. Once all of the service work in the road right-of-way has been completed, final restoration of pavement and turf areas will be implemented. As noted previously, timing and coordination for the final connections inside homes will be adjusted based on updated Executive Orders from the Governor’s office.


We would like to thank everyone for their cooperation and patience during the construction and look forward to wrapping things up within the next month.

Construction work has been progressing as planned with the main water line on D Avenue, scheduled for completion near the end of next week. The water mains on D Avenue and 35th Street have been tested and placed into service.
Thank you to those who have turned in their water service requests. The City of Kalamazoo will set up those accounts in preparation for the service connections. If you have not turned in your service request paperwork, please do so as we cannot install a service without it. 
As noted in our previous update, we are adjusting weekly to the Governor’ Executive Orders and will modify how we are going to handle the house service connections accordingly. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through these challenging times.

Construction is progressing as scheduled with the main line water main installation completed on D Avenue and 35th Street. The Contractor is beginning work on CD Avenue and should be done with the main line installation in three to four weeks. The first segment of watermain on D Avenue has been pressure tested and disinfected with the remaining segments of water main to follow as they are installed. After the main line is installed, the contractor will begin installing the water service lines.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you fill out and turn in your water service request form in the next two weeks. Without that form (and deposit check) we cannot install the water service to your home. Remember that the cost of the service and connection is free to you if done now. If you elect to do it later, it will be at your own cost. Although the water main installation is deemed and essential service so construction will continue, we cannot enter homes to make the final service connection until the stay-at-home order is lifted by the Governor. Please continue to utilize your current water source until then.

Thank you and stay safe!

Thank you for your patience as we have gotten the project started and traffic controls in place. Water main installation along D Avenue is underway and the contractor will be moving on to 35th Street next. The Contractor will begin flushing and disinfecting sections of the water main soon in preparation for making the water service taps. We have received around 17 of the required service connection requests to date. If you have not yet sent yours in, it is imperative that you send in your service request paperwork and account deposit right away. We cannot install a service for you if we do not have the service request and deposit.

Also, in light of the Governors recent Executive Order to “shelter in-place”, we wanted to let you know that because the water main is deemed critical infrastructure, construction will continue. With all office staff working from home, communications might be a little slower but we will work diligently to keep everyone as up to date as possible. We wish everyone the best during these difficult times and appreciate your patience and support.

Tree removals and trimming have been completed and the contractor will start stump removals next week. As is always the case when a new project starts, we have had a few hiccups with traffic coordination, but we will continue to improve that process with resident and school traffic. We appreciate the communication and comments received as we work to minimize the impacts to everyone’s travel while maintaining safety for the work crews.

Letters have gone out to start the paperwork for setting up water system accounts with the City of Kalamazoo. As a reminder, the $100 deposit noted in the paperwork is for account establishment only and is a one-time charge to you. Please submit that with your service application. The new water service line, meter installation, and connection to your home plumbing are all part of the project and will not be charged to you. Please get those forms back to us as soon as possible so we can get the accounts set up and ready for activation.

We are still on schedule to begin actual water main installation around March 16. As you may have seen, the contractor has already delivered some equipment in anticipation of the frost laws being implemented. The frost laws establish load limits on the roadways during the spring thawing period when the road beds are less stable.

We thank all of the residents for their collaboration and cooperation on the project so far. We also thank everyone in advance for their patience during construction. The Contractor will work as quickly as possible to complete the project and limit disruptions.

Tree removals and trimming will begin the week of February 18 in preparation for water main installation.

Water main work is currently scheduled to begin around March 16 (weather permitting). Work will begin on D Avenue, then proceed northward along 35th Street, and finally westward along CD Avenue. The water main will be pressure tested and chlorinated (to sanitize it) in sections as construction proceeds. Individual water services can be installed after each section of water main passes all pressure and sanitizing test. The project field engineer will be in contact with each resident soon to finalize details on the water service connections.