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The City of Ludington is undertaking an exciting project to create a community gathering space and event plaza called “Legacy Plaza” in the former James Street road right-of-way. With the help of a generous grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation through a Community Development Block Grant, Legacy Plaza will undergo a major facelift to serve downtown Ludington for years to come.

The design of the space will honor the Native American, lumber industry, and maritime history that Ludington is so proud of.

The improvements include a new restroom building, a large event pavilion, a gas fireplace, a concert stage, decorative lighting, and site furnishings—it will all be tied together with decorative concrete and landscaping.

View the concept plans HERE and HERE


Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field on behalf of the City.

Matt Hulst, P.E.
Project Manager
(616) 914–0557

Matt Levandoski, P.L.A.
Landscape Architect
(616) 394–0200


Contractor: Heirloom Carpentry & Construction

Ryan Wood
Construction Administrator
(231) 690-5489

Josh Wickham
(231) 843–8500


City of Ludington City Hall

City of Ludington – Legacy Plaza

Legacy Plaza is Complete!

On July 1, 2021, the City of Ludington celebrated the completion of its $2.1 million downtown project. Legacy Plaza is now a welcoming space that includes a farmers market pavilion, restroom facility, raised performance stage, gas fireplace with seating wall, decorative lighting, green space and native rain gardens, as well as site furnishings tied together with decorative concrete and landscaping.

Thank you to everyone who made this project such a success!

You can read more about the Grand Opening event and project details on our blog here! 


Please see below for a construction update.  There has been significant work completed since the last update.


Work Completed (May 22 – June 11)

  • The fireplace has been set in place and looks fabulous.
  • Lighting is installed.
  • Colored concrete under and around the shelter is complete.
  • The shelter tongue and groove roof decking has arrived, and the roof is 75% complete.
  • Some of the decorative concrete in front of Spin Drift is being replaced due to surface discoloration.
  • The clock is back up at the north end of the site.
  • Restroom Building is nearing completion.


Work Anticipated Next Week (weather dependent)

  • Contractor anticipates getting plumbing, HVAC, and electrical inspection done next week.
  • The shelter will be completed by Wednesday.
  • A final review of the decorative concrete is planned for early next week.
  • A week from Monday the landscaper will be ready to install landscaping.

Work Completed (April 31 – May 21)

  • Work continued on the restroom building including installation of sills.
  • Concrete pavement has started under the pavilion with installation of the circle banding.
  • All concrete walls are now poured.
  • Site furniture has been assembled and is currently being stored, will installed following completion of major site activities.

Anticipated Work Next Week (Weather dependent)

  • Concrete around the pavilion and restroom building will be nearly complete by the end of the week. This will be done in time to allow for final work on the Pavilion to being the week of June 1.
  • Final work on the restroom building will continue with a goal of final inspections within the next week or two.

It has been two weeks since the last update and much has happened. Every day the site is looking more and more complete with final finishes now being installed outside.  Most of the work is now focused on the north half of the site.  Only a month or two away from completion now!


Work Completed (April 19 – 30)

  • Work on the interior of the restroom continues with plumbing fixtures and electrical items.
  • Exterior paint on the restroom building is nearly complete.
  • Underground work is mostly complete in preparation of the final sidewalk work.
  • Concrete sidewalk on the south half of the project has now been sealed.
  • Pavilion steel is complete and pavilion lighting is partially installed.
  • Sidewalk through the alley and along the pavilion is ongoing.


Anticipated Work Next Week (Weather dependent)

  • Concrete sidewalk will continue.
  • Interior work on the restroom on plumbing, electrical and HVAC will continue.
  • Masonry veneer on seat walls may begin again.

Some exciting progress occurred this past week with the Pavilion taking shape, the concrete ring around the fire place was poured, and all the concrete along Ludington Avenue is now in place.


Work Completed this weeks (April 12 – 16)

  • Work on the interior of the restroom building with partitions and miscellaneous fixtures being installed.
  • Exterior caulking and trim was completed in preparation of exterior painting of the restroom building.
  • Sidewalk installation has continued with all concrete along Ludington Avenue being poured.
  • The concrete ring around the fireplace is poured including the brass letters.
  • Pavilion steel is 90% installed.
  • Light posts installation began.


Anticipated Work Next Week (weather dependent)

  • Concrete sidewalk will continue.
  • Installation of the pavilion steel structure will be completed if not completed over the weekend.
  • Work on site lighting will continue


Progress over the last week was good however not as noticeable to the casual eye.  Much interior work and preparation for upcoming work was completed. Very soon the pavilion will start taking shape!


Work Completed This Week (April 5 – 9)

  • Work on the interior of the restroom building continued and most of the windows have been installed.
  • Sidewalk installation has continued as well as cleanup of the previously poured concrete.
  • The ramp and stairway to the new stage was poured.
  • Parking lot aggregate is starting to be placed.


Anticipated Work Next Week (weather dependent)

  • Concrete sidewalk will continue.
  • Installation of the pavilion will begin. Delivery of the structure is expected on Monday.

Work Completed in the Last Two Weeks (March 22 – April 2)

  • Restroom plumbing and lighting fixtures are being installed.
  • Stone veneer and cap has been nearly 90% completed on the restroom building.
  • The stairway at the All Occasions building has been filled in and concrete sidewalk is starting to be installed in its place.
  • The stage has been poured and the access ramp and stairway to it are being formed up.
  • Curb and gutter surrounding the north half of the site has been poured.
  • Remaining site storm water collection piping has been installed.


Anticipated Work Next Week (Weather Dependent)

  • Concrete sidewalk work will continue.
  • Plumbing fixture install will continue.
  • Site lighting poles may start being installed.
  • Clean up of the concrete sidewalk will begin in preparation for final sealing and joint caulking.
  • Preparation for the deliver of the new pavilion will continue with an expected delivery date of April 9.


Overall it has a been a great last two weeks for work at the site. The south half of the site is looking more and more complete every day and the restroom is nearing completion.


Work Completed in the Last Two Weeks (March 8 – 19)

  • The siding and stone veneer was mostly installed on the restroom.
  • The first coat of finish paint and primer has been applied inside the restroom.
  • Concrete on the south end around the fire place has been poured.
  • Pavilion piers have been poured and our now ready to receive the pavilion once it is delivered.


Anticipated Work Next Week (Weather Dependent)

  • Concrete sidewalk work will continue.
  • Plumbing and lighting fixture install will begin, as well as installation of the windows and doors of the restroom building.
  • Stone veneer installation on the restroom will be completed.
  • Preparation for curb and gutter will be begin.

As the weather has improved so has activity on the project site.

In the last week, work continued on the building and site concrete. Work at the site is expected to ramp up more over the next couple of weeks if the weather continues to cooperate.


Work Completed Last Week (March 1 – 5)

  • Exterior insulation was installed on the restroom building.
  • Electrical and mechanical interior work continued in the restroom.
  • The concrete seat wall was installed at the south end of the project.
  • Sidewalk scallops were poured along the south end of the project.
  • Forms for sidewalk were set for next week’s pours.
  • Installation of the Pavilion pier has begun and anticipated to be completed next week.


Anticipated Work Next Week (Weather dependent)

  • Concrete sidewalk work will continue.
  • Work on the exterior of the building is expected to continue.
  • Piers will be poured for the new pavilion.

Over the last two weeks progress has begun again. No concrete work or significant progress has been done in the new restroom building, but the roof was completed and the drywall was hung.


Work Completed the Last Two Weeks (February 15 – 26)

  • Restroom building roof is completed.
  • Drywall was hung inside the restroom.
  • Prep work was completed for next phase of concrete sidewalk installation.
  • The base of the new fireplace was poured.


Anticipated Work Next Week (Weather Dependent)

  • Concrete sidewalk work will begin again near the south end of the project and along the Spindrift building.
  • Seat walls will be poured along the south end of the site.
  • Drywall taping and jointing will be completed.