City of Muskegon Heights - Water Supply System Improvements

Important Information

The work will involve installing new drinking water mains, valves, hydrants and water service pipes from the street to inside the home. It will also involve drainage improvements and full removal and replacement of the pavement, curb and gutter on the following streets and blocks:

  • 7th Street, Oakwood to Summit
  • 8th Street, Oakwood to Summit
  • Rotterdam, 9th to 8th Street
  • Amsterdam, Highland to 6th Street
  • Summit, 7th to 6th Street


Work on 8th Street between Oakwood and Summit and on Rotterdam between 9th and 8th Street will continue until Memorial Day Weekend.  New pavement on 8th and Rotterdam is scheduled to be installed in May 2023.  Additional work will continue on 7th Street between Oakwood and Summit and on Amsterdam between Highland and 6th Street later in the summer and is currently scheduled to begin the week of July 24, 2023 and will continue until early November, 2023.

Roads will be closed to thru traffic, but open to residents. Garbage pickup will be done on your normally scheduled day. Mail delivery should not be affected. Some limited access to driveways will take place with new concrete curb and driveway approach installation to allow for concrete to cure.

Total Project Budget: $4.46 Million (Legal, Design, Inspection, Construction)

Construction Budget: $3.65 Million

Project Completion Date: November 2023


Contact Information:

Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field during construction.

Primary Project Contact
Dan Sorek, PE, Project Manager
(616) 218-2940 (cell)

Field Contact
Tom Eilers, On-Site Contact
(231) 578-7986 (cell)


Contractor for the City of Muskegon Heights:

Kamminga & Roodvoets
Grand Rapids, MI

Project Manager
Adam Khodl – (616) 437-6764 (cell)

Onsite Contact and 24-Hour Emergency Number
Chad Heyboer – (616) 389-9541 (cell)

Work Completed to This Past Week:

We did get some snow cover on Monday which delayed the project about a day.  However, the contractor began removing pavement on Wednesday, March 15 and all the asphalt has been removed from 8th Street between Oakwood and Summit and on Rotterdam between 8th and 9th Streets.  Concrete curb and gutter and driveway approaches were removed.  The road has been graded and driveways restored with gravel.  Equipment and materials have been delivered to the site.  Existing utilities have been located, marked and staked.

There is no work planned for tomorrow, Saturday, March 18, 2023.  However, Saturday work may be required in the future.


Work Anticipated Week of March 20, 2023:

Water main installation will begin.  Work will begin at Oakwood and move towards Summit.  This will likely take about 2-3 weeks to complete just the water main, valve and hydrant installations.  This is the expected work for the next 2 weeks at a minimum. The Contractor will continue to maintain access to local homes, but through traffic will likely be interrupted.

Work on 8th Street and Rotterdam is still on schedule to be complete before June 2023.


At this time, there is no parking allowed on 8th Street between Oakwood and Summit or on Rotterdam between 8th & 9th Streets.

Garbage and mail should continue as scheduled.  Please be aware of construction equipment and workers when moving through the site.  Let’s try to keep everyone safe!


Water Service Replacements

To connect new water main to existing water mains, temporary water shutdowns will be required. We will provide advance notice prior to shutdowns, and shutdowns will be as short as possible.

Existing water service lines (the connection to your home) within the project will be replaced. If the material of the water service has a lead gooseneck or galvanized steel, the entire water service will be replaced — from the water main in the street all the way to inside the home — at NO COST TO THE RESIDENT.

To allow this work, a permission form needs to be signed for each address getting their water service replaced.  Please see here for the form. Once completed, please email this form to or you may take a picture of the form and text it to Dan Sorek at (616) 218-2940.

We are seeking contact information for scheduling these water services in a very tight time frame. Failure to allow access inside the home to replace the water service into the home will jeopardize the ability for the City of Muskegon Heights to continue providing water service to the home or property.

Additional Information for Water Service Replacements: From the State of Michigan: How This Construction Activity Could Affect the Quality of Your Drinking Water

After Your Water Service is Replaced: Water Service Flushing Recommendations

Customers adjacent to the construction area may have their water service interrupted temporarily while the Contractor replaces their service. The Contractor will coordinate with each customer prior to interrupting service.

Design on this project began back in 2015/16 and funding has now been secured and approved and we are very excited to move forward!

Work Completed to Date:

Surveying, Engineering, Design, Drafting, Bidding and Tree Removal


Reminder: major construction will begin this week, Monday, March 13, 2023.

  • This work includes the replacement of water main and water services from the street to the home as well as storm drainage improvements and full roadway reconstruction on 8th Street between Oakwood and Summit Streets.  Water main will be installed and the road resurfaced on Rotterdam between 9th & 8th Streets.
  • This is Phase 1 of work that also includes 7th Street between Oakwood and Summit, Summit between 7th & 6th Streets and Amsterdam between Highland and 6th Streets.  That work will take place later this summer.


Mail and garbage will be handled on their normally scheduled days.  It is a good idea to place a large piece of tape on your garbage bin and write your address on it.  The contractor will assist to make sure garbage is picked up.  Access will be maintained for emergency vehicles and for local access to homes.  However, you might not be able to go through the entire job site due to equipment and construction progress.

Work on 8th Street and Rotterdam should be completed around Memorial Day 2023.

Current Schedule

Starting the Week of March 13, 2023:

  • Traffic control signage and barricades will be installed.
  • The asphalt on 8th Street between Oakwood and Summit will be removed. This includes a portion across Summit at the 8th Street intersection (south) leg. Traffic will be allowed to pass through after the pavement is removed, but will be encouraged to go around taking 9th Street or 5th Street north to Broadway and vice-versa back to Summit depending on the direction of travel.
  • Concrete curb and gutter and driveway approaches will be removed in select locations along 8th Street between Oakwood and Summit.
  • Water main installation will begin later in the week.


Week of March 20, 2023:

  • Water main installation will continue.
  • Some water main will be tested for eventual connection and replacement of water services to begin later in the week of April 3, 2023 or the week of April 10.