Important Information

Ottawa County is expanding its shared use path network with the second phase of the Spoonville Trail.

The first phase, constructed in 2016, connected with the Grand River Idema Explorers Trail on Green Street, north across the Grand River on the M231 Bridge to Leonard Street at 120th Avenue.

This second phase continues the trail to the northeast on Leonard Street, then through the Terra Verde Golf Course to 112th Avenue, and then north on 112th Avenue where it will connect with the newly extended North Bank Trail in Nunica.

A key feature of this path is the ADA compliant section through beautiful wooded ravines, hugging the slopes and crossing with several boardwalks offering unique views of this beautiful landscape.

Anticipated completion time is this fall 2020.


Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field on behalf of Ottawa County.

Carlee Klenotich, EIT
On-site Contact
(218) 398–0554

Scott Post, PE
Project Manager
(616) 364–8491


All work is weather dependent.

Please let us know if you have any problems with mail delivery, garbage collection, or your water system.

Share this information with your neighbors who may not have access. Thank you for your continued patience!

Ottawa County – Spoonville Non-Motorized Trail Phase II


Progress Report

The Contractor, Anlaan Coporation, out of Grand Haven, has been off-site this week due to an emergency project helping the community of Midland, MI.


What to Expect Next Week

Anlaan will be off-site again next week as they finish up their work, but they plan to be back to work on the Spoonville Trail on Monday, July 13. At this point, work will resume with grading the path along Leonard Street from 120th Avenue to the Terra Verde Golf Course entrance, placing concrete sidewalk at the trailhead parking lot on 120th Avenue, and beginning to set the foundation piles for the boardwalk sections.

Progress Report

Last week crews finished the preliminary earth work at the Trailhead location on 120th and are preparing the area for finish grading and concrete.


What to Expect This Week

Crews will pour concrete sidewalk at the Trailhead, and begin the clearing and grubbing along Leonard next week.

You will notice less trucks this week, however, being mindful of speed is important in work zones.

Progress Report

Phase II construction of the Spoonville trail is underway! Construction began on June 1 and is well into the third week already. So far, we have placed the gravel base along the golf course entrance and a good portion of the earth work is finished at the Trailhead location on 120th  Avenue.


What to Expect Next Week (June 22–26)

We plan to finish up the earth work at the Trailhead, and will begin the process of building the trail along Leonard Road from the Golf Course west toward 120th  Avenue.

Be mindful of trucks hauling material in and out of the trailhead at 120th Avenue. Next week Trucks will be hauling down Leonard Road using a shoulder closure.