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Plainfield Township - Jericho and Airway Pathways

Important Information

This summer, Plainfield Charter Township will be extending the Shared Use Pathway network on Jericho Avenue and on Airway Street.

The section on Jericho Avenue will extend the pathway from Kroes Street at Rockford High School north to make connection to the White Pine Trail. The new pathway will be on the west side of Jericho Avenue.

The section on Airway Street will connect Hunsberger Avenue, near Northview High School, east to Plainfield Avenue on the south side of the street.

The Contractor, Al’s Excavating, Inc. of Hamilton, MI, anticipates starting work on Monday, June 12, after both schools are out.


Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field.

Scott Post, PE
Project Liaison
(616) 485-0281

Carlee Thompson, EIT
On-Site Contact
(218) 398-0554


Al’s Excavating, Inc.
Office: (269) 751-5158


Plainfield Charter Township
Bill Fischer, Community Development Director
(616) 364-1190

The construction season has come to an end on the two pathway projects in Plainfield Township.

On Jericho Avenue, Al’s Excavating and their subcontractors have completed both layers of asphalt along the pathway from Kroes to Peter Creek Drive. They will be working first thing this spring to install the storm sewer on the north side of the Rogue River Bridge and to make the pathway connection to the White Pine Trail. This work, along with sign installation and permanent pavement markings, is set to resume as soon as favorable weather permits this spring. Temporary safety measures are in place for the winter to ensure pedestrian safety and slope stability until weather permits and crews can return to finalize the construction work. We appreciate your patience with this process and hope you are already enjoying the completed sections of trail! This construction update page will remain open and will be updated with further information in the coming months.

On Airway Street, Al’s Excavating has a small amount of paving as well as sign installation and pavement markings to complete. This work will be completed in the spring along with any punch list restoration and clean up activities. We thank you for your patience with these processes and look forward to seeing you out there enjoying the trail!

This week, the concrete crews were back out on Airway Street and Jericho Avenue to finish the access ramps.

The remainder of the work onsite this year will be site clean up. Al’s Excavating will be back first thing this spring to install the storm sewer and finish the connection to the White Pine Trail on Jericho. They also have some paving yet to do. If we get nice weather in December, they may return yet this year to finish the paving.

Al’s Excavating crews were able to continue construction with the great weather this week. Crews formed and poured the remaining concrete curb openings and paved the first of two layers of asphalt on the remaining section of pathway to the bridge. Both Airway Street and Jericho Avenue also had the hydroseeding work completed this week.

Next week, the concrete crew will be back onsite to finish the access ramps at Peter Creek and Ella Terrace Drives. They will also complete final fall punch list items and prepare the pathway for winter. They will resume construction on the south of the Rogue River Bridge to connect to the White Pine Trail next spring.

This week, crews continued to complete the remaining tasks on Airway Street and Jericho Avenue. Restoration efforts and concrete approach were completed along several sections.

Next week, weather permitting, they will pave the remaining sections along Jericho to the Rogue River Bridge and continue the seeding and restoration efforts along the pathway corridor. Thanks for your continued caution and attention to vehicle speed along this stretch!

This week, pathway progress continued on the north end of the Jericho Avenue project. Crews continued to remove existing material and install the gravel sub grade. They will install concrete driveways and curbs yet this week.

Next week, they hope to finish the remaining concrete work and, if the weather permits, they will schedule the paving on the remaining sections of pathway to the bridge.

On Airway Street, the crews plan to be back out at the beginning of the week to begin the restoration work in front of the KIA property. They also anticipate that they will have the paving contractor out by the end of the week to finish paving on Airway Street.


This week, crews from Al’s Excavating have continued trail construction along Jericho Avenue. They resumed the excavation process and pathway grading work.

With haul trucks moving excess material and using the roadway, crews are working to keep traffic safe and may temporarily close lanes of traffic to allow equipment to access the site. We appreciate your patience with this process.

Next week, crews will be onsite for both projects. On Airway Street, they plan to pave the remaining sections of asphalt at the beginning of the week, followed by restoration work.

The concrete crews will also be out on both Airway and Jericho to finish ADA ramps and pour concrete driveways on Jericho.

This week, crews were back out on both Airway Street and Jericho Avenue despite the fall rainy weather!

Several of the remaining tasks on Airway Street were completed this week. While paving, sign installation, and pavement marking remain, they hope to have these finished within the next week or two as well.

Crews were also hard at work on Jericho Avenue preparing the path for top course paving, which took place on Wednesday. The rest of the week, crews continued to work on the restoration efforts and prepare for the next section of construction. Next week, crews will be back out on Jericho to begin the pathway grading and construction processes north to the Rogue River bridge!

This week, crews continued to work on the restoration efforts along Jericho Avenue. They placed the top soil and cleaned up the restoration areas and project staging areas. They also installed several hundred feet of mulch blanket to help keep the slopes stable in the upcoming rain events.

We were also able to finally resolve the remaining utility conflicts and will be able to continue with the trail construction processes as soon as possible.

With this week’s weather delays, the paving scheduled for the end of this week has been pushed to next week.

Progress on Jericho Avenue this week included final grading and HMA paving from Kroes to just north of Peter Creek Drive. They also adjusted the fire hydrants to finish grade and began working on restoration areas.

Next week, crews will be working on cleaning up the topsoil and staging areas from this portion of the pathway, ahead of a tentative top course paving date of next Friday.

This week on Jericho Avenue, the utility conflicts along the south side of the project were resolved. Construction crews are scheduled to be back in full swing next week with final grading work and paving!