Plainfield Township - Jericho and Airway Pathways

Important Information

This summer, Plainfield Charter Township will be extending the Shared Use Pathway network on Jericho Avenue and on Airway Street.

The section on Jericho Avenue will extend the pathway from Kroes Street at Rockford High School north to make connection to the White Pine Trail. The new pathway will be on the west side of Jericho Street.

The section on Airway Street will connect Hunsberger Avenue, near Northview High School, east to Plainfield Avenue on the south side of the street.

The Contractor, Al’s Excavating, Inc. of Hamilton, MI, anticipates starting work on Monday, June 12, after both schools are out.


Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field.

Scott Post, PE
Project Liaison
(616) 485-0281

Carlee Thompson, EIT
On-Site Contact
(218) 398-0554


Al’s Excavating, Inc.
Office: (269) 751-5158


Plainfield Charter Township
Bill Fischer, Community Development Director
(616) 364-1190

Project Update

Beginning on Monday June 12th, construction activities, traffic control, and tree removal will begin along the Jericho and Airway pathway projects. The tree removals will likely take several days to complete on Jericho. Following the tree removals, Al’s Excavating will be onsite to begin building the retaining walls for both projects.

Refuse and mail services will not be affected, so please proceed as normal with these items.

Project Update

Starting next week, keep your eyes open as traffic control measures (such as signs and barrels) and equipment begins to arrive on site in preparation for construction to start on June 12.

Work will begin with tree removal on Jericho Avenue, immediately followed up with the construction of the retaining walls on Airway Street and Jericho Avenue later that week or early the following week.

Thank you!