Important Information

This phase of Plainfield Township’s Rockford Trail begins at Rogue River Drive and follows Kuttshill Drive, Brewer Avenue, and Kroes Street, ending at Jericho Road and Rockford High School.


Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field on behalf of Plainfield Township.

Carlee Klenotich, EIT
Onsite Contact/Project Engineer
(218) 398–0554

Scott Post, PE
Project Manager
(616) 364–8491


Contractor: Brenner Excavating

Nick Ginsberg
(269) 793-7531


During construction, there may be intermittent street lane closures. However, we do not anticipate any street closures or detours.

All work is weather dependent.

Please let us know if you have any problems with mail delivery, garbage collection, or your water system.

Plainfield Township - Rockford Trail

With the majority of the work wrapped up before the snow arrives, the Rockford Trail is officially finished for the winter season! Brenner Excavating will return to the trail next spring to complete the remaining restorative punch list items for the surrounding areas.

Thank you for your patience during this past construction season. We hope you enjoy the new Rockford Trail!

This Week

Martin J was on site early this week to pour the concrete curb, sidewalk, and ADA ramps. This process took two days and is nearly complete. Brenner was on site for final restoration and seeding on Thursday and Friday this week.


Next Week

Crews will be on site to install trail signage and pavement markings. They will also begin placing asphalt around the pedestrian island and curbs to match the new concrete. Work is nearly complete; thank you for your patience while we wrap things up!

This Week

The paving work is complete!

This week Brenner Excavating is working on spreading top soil along the newly finished asphalt. The concrete contractor will begin working on curb and gutter replacement, sidewalk, and ADA ramps toward the end of this week.


Next Week

Brenner Excavating will be preparing the pedestrian island on Kroes Street. They will also begin seeding and final restoration.


This Week

It was a big week for the crews of Brenner Excavating and their contractors.The gravel was shaped and compacted for the entire length of the project from Rogue river Drive to Kroes Street in preparation for the paving that took place on Thursday morning.Utility crews were onsite making the final adjustments while Brenner’s crews removed the existing 5 foot sidewalk and began grading the section on Kroes street for the new 10 foot concrete path. 

Next Week

Paving will continue next Tuesday. They will start again on the south end of the project and work north. Adding the second layer of asphalt to the section that was paved on Thursday.Once complete the pavers will finish paving the rest of the path where they left off this week while Brenner’s crews begin the restoration process on the south end.Concrete ADA ramps, curbs, and sidewalks will be poured next week as well.

Last week Brenner Excavating finished removing topsoil and placing aggregate base for the trail. They repaired sprinkler systems and began preparing driveways for removal .


This Week

The Crews will continue getting the driveways and the rest of the path graded and prepared for paving which will take place on Thursday, October 21. In the event that Thursdays weather is not advantageous to paving, they plan to pave on Friday, October 22 instead. Please be mindful of the construction equipment, contractors, and your speed while in the construction zone.

This Week

Brenner Excavating crews placed sand and gravel for the pathway base along Kuttshill Drive. They also removed the top soil along Brewer Avenue and began prepping the existing surface for sand and gravel. They installed new drainage measures near Northedge Drive and began finalizing the grades in preparation for paving.


Next Week

The contractor will continue placing sand and gravel along Brewer Avenue.

Due to the volume of traffic along Kuttshill Drive and Brewer Avenue, please watch for flagpersons and additional traffic control between 2:00 and 4:00 pm while work is in progress. Please be mindful of your speed and the safety of those working.

This week

Brenner Excavating made good progress removing top soil and grading out the route for the trail. Despite the rain, the crews stripped sod and top soil along Kuttshill Drive from Rogue River Avenue to Northedge Drive.


Next week

They plan to continue stripping top soil near Brewer Avenue and begin placing sand (if necessary) and gravel base for the trail along Kuttshill Drive.

This Week

Brenner Excavating mobilized to the site, and the trail was staked for them to start clearing. The few trees that needed to be removed have been taken down.

Brenner also met with representatives of Rockford Schools to help coordinate work during the busy drop off / pick up times.


Next Week

The contractor will start at Kuttshill Driver and Rogue River Avenue, clearing topsoil and grading for the pathway. At some point, additional crews will come to the project, starting at different locations to continu this process.


Construction Start Up!

Brenner Excavating will be on site on Monday, September 13 to begin work on the trail. They plan to start on the south end of Kuttshill Drive, near Rogue River Avenue, removing topsoil and grading out the path.

Progress Report

We anticipate that construction should be starting mid-September with completion yet this year by mid-November. Construction staking will be completed prior to construction. If you have any questions or comments regarding the path, please don’t hesitate to contact us.