City of Rockford - Lead Service Line Replacements

Important Information

Lead Service Line Replacement Program Background

In recent years, the State of Michigan has adopted new regulations seeking to identify and replace water service lines which may contain lead pipes.  The City of Rockford is actively working to follow these regulations with a city-wide program to verify water service line materials and replace lead-containing pipes where they are found. This is a complex and costly process that will take years to complete. The ongoing construction project on Lincoln, Maple, and Courtland Streets is an opportunity to make significant progress with lead or galvanized pipe replacement as part of the overall city wide program.

Lead or Galvanized Pipe – What is the Concern?

Years ago, galvanized steel pipes were commonly used for water service lines and were often connected to the public water main using a short piece of lead pipe known as “pig tail” or “goose neck”. Those lead connectors have the potential to allow lead particles to leach through the water and adhere to the galvanized steel pipe throughout the rest of the service line. Those particles can be dislodged with vibrations from construction, allowing lead to leach into the drinking water supply for the home. For that reason, the entire length of galvanized steel pipe is treated as if it were a lead pipe for the purposes of this project.

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After Your Water Service is Replaced:

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Lead Service Line Replacements

Project Scope:

The goal for this project is to ensure that all water services in the project have the service line material verified and any lead or galvanized service lines are fully replaced. As part of this project:

  • Properties where the public water main is being replaced will have to be reconnected to the new water main. In this case, the public portion of the service line will necessarily be replaced to make the connection to the main.
    • If the private portion of the service line (from the property line to the house) is not lead or galvanized pipe material, the new connection will be made near the property line and no work inside the house is needed.
    • If the private portion of the service line contains lead or galvanized pipe, the entire line must be replaced. The City is not legally allowed to reconnect water service to the old lead or galvanized pipe.
  • Properties where the public water main is NOT being replaced will be verified to determine if lead or galvanized pipe is present. Most of the indoor verification work was already completed in preparation for the project, but underground verification near the street will also be done during construction. If lead or galvanized pipe is found, the water service line will be scheduled for replacement into the house.


Consent Forms:

For those properties getting the private portion of the service line replaced, a consent form must be signed to allow the City access to do this work on private property. Please see here for the form. Once completed, please email this form to