Progress Report

This week:
  • Black Gold was on site Tuesday and completed the base course paving on Bonneville Drive and all four court streets north of Brisam Street. The parking lot paving was also completed at 5 Mile Road and Plainfield Avenue.
  • M&S Construction was on site for concrete driveway restoration north of Brisam Street.
  • Irrigation system restoration work was completed on Rockvalley Drive.
  • H&K Landscaping, Schippers lawn restoration subcontractor, was on site this week to mow the weeds that have been growing in the topsoil south of Brisam Street.
Next week:
  • Schippers will work on adjusting manhole and catch basin covers in preparation for final top course paving in September.
  • H&K Landscaping will be on site next week to kill off the weeds and they will spread topsoil around the site in preparation for final lawn restoration to be completed.


Please contact a project representative if you have questions or concerns.


What to Expect

  • Water Service conversions along Plainfield Avenue.
  • Final paving, restoration, and project clean up.


Project Timeline

  • September
    • Plainfield Ave water services
  • September
    • Final paving, lawn restoration, and project cleanup