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This Week:
  • K&R pressure tested and disinfected the new water main in Leelanau.
  • K&R began replacing sanitary sewer laterals to the houses on the south side of Northville.
  • K&R continued installing new 15-inch sanitary sewer in Northville.
  • The existing asphalt on the remaining section of Northville was pulverized.
  • Northville and Leelanau were closed to thru traffic.


Next Week:
  • K&R will begin replacing water services along Leelanau.
  • K&R will continue 15-inch sanitary sewer installation in Northville.
  • K&R will continue sanitary sewer lateral replacement in Northville.
  • K&R will begin storm sewer replacement on Northville where the sanitary sewer has already been installed.
  • Northville and Leelanau will continue to be closed to thru traffic.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.