Progress Report:

  • Maple Street Water Main: The newly installed water main along Maple Street between Main and Monroe has now passed the bacteria test and pressure testing.
  • Fremont St. Sanitary Sewer: Sanitary sewer laterals along Fremont Street have been installed.
  • Maple St. Sanitary Sewer: Sanitary sewer main along Maple Street going East from Fremont toward Lincoln has been installed. Sanitary sewer laterals are anticipated to be completed by the end of this week.
  • Courtland Street: Underground utility work in Courtland Street is complete. A road under drainage system is being installed and is anticipated to be complete by the end of this week.


Up Next:

  • Maple Street: Connection of the new Maple Street watermain to the existing Main Street water main is planned for next week. Sanitary sewer at Main Street is also planned for next week.
  • Courtland Street: Roadway grading, gravel base construction, and concrete for sidewalk, curbs, and driveways are planned to begin next week.


Traffic Changes:

  • Main Street Closure: Main Street will be closed starting Monday May 22. Main Street is planned to reopen to traffic by Friday May 26.
  • Courtland Street: The completion of Courtland Street work is now within sight. We anticipate seeing Courtland Street reopened to traffic on a paved surface within the next two to three weeks.