This was a very busy and productive week. Work focused on road building from Southern to Strong and utility replacements from Laketon to Southern. Even with the rain the curb and gutter was completed, gravel was graded and the first course asphalt was placed! Work next week will start out extremely busy in order to be ready to pave the top course of pavement for Phase II prior to the big game on Friday!


Work Completed This Week

  • Public and private side water services on phase III, essentially all water services are complete.
  • Sanitary sewer on Phase III was replaced to just north Larch Street.
  • Curb was completed and work on sidewalk continuted.
  • The first course of new pavement was placed from Southern to Strong.


Anticipated Work Next Week

  • Complete all sidewalk and drive approaches between Southern and Strong.
  • Raise castings and spread topsoil from Southern to Strong.
  • Pave top course of pavement from Southern to Strong.
  • Continue placing sanitary mainline on phase III and storm sewer at Larch.