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Milbocker intends to start construction activities on site on Monday, June 10, 2024. Milbocker will construct the water main along Miramar Avenue and Eldon Street. New water services will be constructed up to the public right-of-way line, where they will connect to the existing water service line. Water main will generally be installed on the north side of Eldon Street and the west side of Miramar Avenue. Water main construction will take place in the public right-of-way, generally between the back of the sidewalk and the edge of the road. Trees and landscaping in this area will be removed for water main construction. If you wish to save any of your landscaping between the sidewalk and the road, it is recommended you move it before June 10, 2024. Trees and landscaping removed for construction purposes will not be replaced.

Tentative Construction Schedule:

Upcoming Work: Tree clearing work will take place in early June.

Extra Notes: Water pressures in the area will not be changed as a result of this project.

The Kent County Road Commission (KCRC) will be repaving Hunsberger Avenue between Plainfield Avenue and Coit Avenue in June and July, 2024.