Contract 1 work completed since last update (2/4/2020):

  • Piping in the headworks building was painted; grit & screen equipment started up.
  • Tie-in of new headworks to existing 36-inch raw water line
  • Exhaust fans, doors fully installed in Headworks
  • Installation of natural gas line serving the new headworks
  • Demolition of east primary sludge pump and installation of piping
  • Startup of Local Pump Station pumps and VFDs (2/25/2020)
  • Startup of flexible rake bar screen (2/25/2020)
  • Startup of grit washer/compactor (2/25/2020)
  • Activated sludge building work completed


Anticipated work in April:

  • Startup of headworks
  • Operation of headworks with live raw water
  • Primary sludge building demolition and equipment installation
  • Southeast primary clarifier equipment installation
  • Painting and finishing in headworks, activated sludge building