Week 17 of construction is nearing the end for the improvements to Sherman Boulevard in Muskegon Heights.  Please remember that Sherman Boulevard is closed to thru traffic.  Please use side streets to get to your home or business to reduce traffic on Sherman as much as possible for the safety of the construction workers.


Work completed this past week:

  • Road gravel base material was placed in several of the cutouts in the road for the new decorative crosswalks
  • More restoration took place between the sidewalk and the curb
  • Work will continue tomorrow, Saturday, September 26 to clean the road in preparation of paving between Glade and Sanford next week
  • Asphalt patching near the crosswalks
  • Manhole and valve structures were raised in the pavement between Glade and Sanford

** Please be careful around these ** They will be about 2” above the milled pavement and there are a lot of them out there!


Work Anticipated the week of September 28:

  • PAVING – Weather permitting, asphalt will be placed on Sherman between Glade and Sanford and at the side street approaches starting Monday, September 28.  It will take 2 days to complete.
  • Terrace grading and restoration between the sidewalk and curb
  • Finish installing road gravel base material at the crosswalks
  • More asphalt patching near the crosswalks
  • MILLING – The pavement will be milled off between Sanford and Getty starting late next week


Work Anticipated the week of October 5:

  • Complete any milling not finished next week
  • Raising manhole and valve structures between Sanford and Getty
  • Patching at the crosswalks and preparing for Peck Intersection removals