Progress Report

We are getting close!

All of the boardwalks are nearing completion. Anlaan has completed the decking for the boardwalks and they should be starting on the railing shortly. Completing the decking was an important step because it was the only way for the pavers to get to one of the sections of trail!

The gravel base for this section of the trail will be placed by the end of the week, ready to be paved.

Topsoil has been spread and raked for most of the sections of path that are already paved.

The bench, bike repair station, and bike loops have been installed at the new trailhead on 112th Avenue, and Anlaan is working on the new entrance sign and information sign to be installed shortly.


What to Expect Next Week

Anlaan is working on installing the boardwalk railings now, and this will continue into next week.

The weather looks pretty good next week, which means the final sections of trail will be paved. In addition, the final course of asphalt will be paved on the trailhead parking lot. So all paving will be complete by the end of next week.

Restoration will continue along the entire project, including spreading topsoil, hydro-seeding, placing soil erosion matting, and general cleanup.