This Week:

  • Wyoming Excavators completed water main installation on Woodwater.
  • The newly installed water main on Woodwater was pressure tested and disinfected.
  • Wyoming completed a water main tie-in, connecting the new water main (which passed testing last week) to the existing water main at Rogue River Road.
  • Wyoming began installing water services on Woodwater between Rapidfall and Rogue River Road.
  • Wyoming installed water main along Rapidfall between Woodwater and the existing hydrant on the north end of the project.
  • Wyoming began installing water main at the southern end of Rapidfall.
  • Woodwater and Rapidfall were closed to thru traffic.


Next Week:

  • Wyoming will finish water main installation along Rapidfall Drive.
  • Wyoming will start water main installation along Rapidfall Court.
  • Wyoming will continue water service installation along Woodwater.
  • Woodwater and Rapidfall will continue to be closed to thru traffic.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.