Contract 1 work completed since last update (1/3/2020):

  • 36-inch raw water line installed
  • Ductwork and exhaust fans in headworks
  • Electrical and lighting work in headworks
  • North activated sludge pumps, valving, and piping

Anticipated work in February:

  • Connection of headworks to raw water line
  • Startup of headworks
  • Completion of activated sludge building
  • Commencement of primary sludge building work
  • Southeast primary clarifier work

Contract 2 work completed since last update (1/3/2020):


  • Completed startup of pump station
  • Completed installation of electrical and controls equipment
  • Completed installation of mechanical equipment
  • Completed replacement of roofing material and equipment
  • Began painting walls, floors, ceiling, and equipment

Anticipated work in February:

  • Complete punch list work at both pump stations
  • Begin restoration at Spring Lake Pump Station
  • Complete all restoration in Spring 2020