The detour is in place and the barrels have already been put up. Please remind everyone you see, that the road is open, but only one lane is open and that is on the south side of the road for WESTBOUND Traffic (To the Beach). Yes, it feels awkward to drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, but once the road is removed on the north side, it will feel more comfortable.

If you live or have a business on the south side of the road – NO RIGHT TURNS on to Lakeshore Drive.
If you live or have a business on the north (Muskegon Lake) side of the road – NO LEFT TURNS onto Lakeshore Drive.
There is No Parking on Lakeshore Drive during construction. Access to the side streets will remain.
We are expecting the traffic to be like this until the end of June when we are hoping the north half of the road will finished and we will move that single westbound lane onto the new concrete!
The planters have been temporarily moved to the northeast corner of the parking lot on the north side of Lakeshore Drive, just west of Mann.

Here is what to expect the week of April 15, 2019:

More equipment and materials will be delivered to the job site and it will begin to occupy the construction zone which will help keep traffic out of the construction area.
The manhole covers and other infrastructure in the road will be lowered below the existing pavement.
The road surface will be removed – currently scheduled for Tuesday, April 16, 2019.
Curb and gutter and storm drains will be removed on the north side.
Dewatering will be installed in preparation of the water main installation.
Driveway approaches will be removed but access will be maintained (on gravel). Please Note: If you have multiple drives, not all drives can/will be kept open to keep the construction moving as quickly as possible.
Layout of the new water main will begin.