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Progress Report: K&R made progress with sanitary sewer construction to the north to approximately 300 feet north of the River Street/Skeels Street intersection.

Upcoming Work: K&R will continue sanitary sewer construction progressing to the north. K&R will also start storm sewer construction on River Street in the area where sanitary sewer construction has been completed.

Extra Notes: K&R will notify residents as driveway access becomes limited due to pipe installation. Residents are reminded to stay clear of construction equipment and excavations on the project site.

During sanitary sewer construction, River Street will be blocked off for through access at the location of the sanitary sewer excavation. As sewer construction continues north, the direction of access to each property will be affected and will change with the progress of construction. Vehicles will have to access their property from either O’Malley or Randall Ave.