This Week:

  • Tree clearing continued along 10 Mile Road, work was mostly east of Jewell Avenue.
  • Marksman Contracting completed the bore & jack (trenchless construction method) under Pine Island Drive by installing a steel casing under the road. The 16-inch water main was then installed across the road inside the steel casing.
  • Brenner Excavating installed 16-inch water main along 10 Mile Road from Jewell Avenue to about 3,000 feet west.

Next Week:

  • Brenner Excavating will continue water main construction along 10 Mile Road.
  • Brenner Excavating will begin roadside grading behind the water main construction and install driveway culverts as they progress.

Please contact any project representative below if you have questions or concerns.


What to Expect


  • Water main construction.



  • Water main construction is anticipated to be completed in June 2023.
  • Road work will begin in May 2023.



  • Road construction is anticipated to be completed by early 2023.