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Work Completed to This Past Week:

Water main was tied in at 8th & Oakwood to the west, connecting the new water main to the existing system. The old water main is still live until all the services are replaced.

Storm drainage pipes and structures were installed to roughly Rotterdam. About 90% of this system is now complete.

New water service pipes were installed in the public right of way between Summit and Rotterdam – no connections yet to existing water services.


Work Anticipated Week of April 17, 2023:

  • Private side water services will be replaced and connected to the new water services installed.
  • Completion of the storm drainage system.
  • Starting to work on rebuilding the road after all the water services are replaced.
  • Additional water system tie-ins may occur at 9th and Rotterdam or again at 8th & Oakwood (connecting to south and east mains.)
  • Affected residents will be notified ahead of time.


Note on water service replacements:

This work will be done by a subcontractor, DHE Plumbing. Please expect them to contact all residents on 8th Street between Oakwood and Summit to schedule the water service replacement all the way INTO the home. We need to get them all done in about 2 weeks to keep the project moving forward. Specific instructions will be provided to affected residents. See also the website link below for expectations before and AFTER the replacement.


Work on 8th Street and Rotterdam is still on schedule to be complete before June 2023.

At this time, there is no parking allowed on 8th Street between Oakwood and Summit or on Rotterdam between 8th & 9th Streets.

Garbage and mail should continue as scheduled. Please be aware of construction equipment and workers when moving through the site. Let’s try to keep everyone safe!