Current Status/Progress Report

Tree clearing is wrapping up this week. Integrity Tree has removed trees as necessary for water main construction along the west side of Herrington Avenue and the north side of 10 Mile Road. Integrity Tree is now working on grinding the remainder of the stumps.

The delivery dates for the water main pipe have been delayed due to manufacturing delays. Schippers Excavating has modified their schedule to account this delay and now anticipates water main construction to begin in the second half of June. Once a more definitive start date has been determined we will post it here.

Please contact any project representative below if you have questions or concerns.


What to Expect

Early April

  • Tree clearing. Trees which will be removed in the public right-of-way will be marked this week. If you would like to keep any of the wood generated from tree clearing, please contact one of the project representatives.

Late June

  • Water main construction along Herrington Avenue. Water main will be constructed from south to north along Herrington Avenue.