Some exciting progress occurred this past week with the Pavilion taking shape, the concrete ring around the fire place was poured, and all the concrete along Ludington Avenue is now in place.


Work Completed this weeks (April 12 – 16)

  • Work on the interior of the restroom building with partitions and miscellaneous fixtures being installed.
  • Exterior caulking and trim was completed in preparation of exterior painting of the restroom building.
  • Sidewalk installation has continued with all concrete along Ludington Avenue being poured.
  • The concrete ring around the fireplace is poured including the brass letters.
  • Pavilion steel is 90% installed.
  • Light posts installation began.


Anticipated Work Next Week (weather dependent)

  • Concrete sidewalk will continue.
  • Installation of the pavilion steel structure will be completed if not completed over the weekend.
  • Work on site lighting will continue