Bultsma Excavating installed water main this past week along Royal Hannah Drive from the west end to the Lady Lauren intersection (approximately 1,200 feet).

What to Expect Next Week (April 20 – 24)

  • Bultsma plans to install water main in approximately the south half of Lady Lauren.
  • They will also start to pressure test and disinfect a portion of the new water main.
  • Our Prein&Newhof construction observer (on-site contact) will change next week to Wayne Wiersema. See new contact information at left.

Projected Timeline

  • End of April
    • Water main should be installed and tested in Royal Hannah up to the Lady Lauren intersection, plus some water main should be installed in Lady Lauren.
  • Mid-May
    • Water main should be installed from the south end of Lady Lauren up to the Sir Charles intersection.
  • End of May
    • Water main should be installed from the west end of Sir Charles to the Lady Lauren intersection.
  • End of June
    • Water main should be installed from the north end of Lady Lauren to the Sir Charles intersection, the easterly to Elstner.
  • *Note: Timeline dates are subject to change.