Work Completed in the Last Two Weeks (March 22 – April 2)

  • Restroom plumbing and lighting fixtures are being installed.
  • Stone veneer and cap has been nearly 90% completed on the restroom building.
  • The stairway at the All Occasions building has been filled in and concrete sidewalk is starting to be installed in its place.
  • The stage has been poured and the access ramp and stairway to it are being formed up.
  • Curb and gutter surrounding the north half of the site has been poured.
  • Remaining site storm water collection piping has been installed.


Anticipated Work Next Week (Weather Dependent)

  • Concrete sidewalk work will continue.
  • Plumbing fixture install will continue.
  • Site lighting poles may start being installed.
  • Clean up of the concrete sidewalk will begin in preparation for final sealing and joint caulking.
  • Preparation for the deliver of the new pavilion will continue with an expected delivery date of April 9.