This Week:

  • Utility companies continued to replace existing utilities around the intersection of 10 Mile Road and Herrington Avenue in preparation for the road to be lowered at this intersection.
  • Brenner Excavating continued to install 16-inch water main along 10 Mile Road. Brenner Excavating encountered groundwater which has paused the water main installation near Freska Pines. Brenner Excavating moved closer to Pine Island Drive and continued 16-inch water main installation on the west end of the project limits.
  • Brenner Excavating installed 8-inch water main across 10 Mile Road at Squirewood Drive. A separate contractor will install the water main in the Squirewood Drive neighborhood later this year.
  • Brenner Excavating has begun roadside grading and driveway culvert installation where the water main has been installed.


Next Week:

  • Dewatering equipment and pumps will be set up so that the 16-inch water main installation can continue.
  • Brenner Excavating will continue water main construction along 10 Mile Road near Pine Island Drive.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.