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This Week

This week, the four bridge abutments were poured and are done, and some backfill has been pushed up to them. For the boardwalk, nearly all of the railing, including the handrails, is in place. This is also true of the overlooks at NMC and off of 16th Street. There are some sections of handrail to be placed, but we are waiting for materials, and there are a couple sections of railing that have been fabricated but are in the process of being galvanized and should be onsite in the next week or so.


Next Week

Probably the most exciting event for next week is Elmer’s will be setting the west bridge! If weather cooperates, they will be splicing the two sections of bridge and assembling the crane. They should be ready to place the bridge over the river late week.

In addition, the plan is for concrete crews to start working on some of the missing sidewalk and the rest of the nodes along the trail next week.