Despite the colder temperatures, work progressed on the parking lot and we are now six weeks into the project.

This past week, the following work was performed:

  • The last bit of removals were finished.
  • Grading and compacting the gravel base for the new concrete curb and gutter was done.
  • The curved seat wall was framed, formed, steel reinforcement and concrete was poured.
  • The gas service for the fire pit was completed.
  • The water service for the irrigation was rebuilt.
  • Work on the Electric Vehicle Charging Station took place.

No secret to anyone local to the community, but the Contractors are enjoying the beautiful spring views from their work site!

The Contractor is planning to work on the following items next week, April 26, 2021:

  • More concrete work on the wavy seat wall at the NW corner of the parking lot
  • Preparation for other seat wall
  • Begin pouring concrete curb and gutter. Areas to be focused on will be along the back side of businesses at the south end of the parking lot and along Mylan’s Restaurant
  • Once concrete curb and gutter is poured, the sidewalks in the areas behind the businesses at the south end of the parking lot will be poured as well as along the north east side near Mylan’s

Just some quick reminders:

Please do not try to move barricades over the weekend or try to park in the parking lot.  The parking lot is closed.  All work planned is weather dependent, but the Contractor is still on schedule to be complete in late June 2021.