This week, the intersections of Lake Street and Muskegon Avenue and Lake Street and the Bike Path Trestle had the old concrete removed and replaced with asphalt. The road was closed from Monday through Thursday evening. The dip on Zellar Road north of White Lake Drive was repaired and repaved on Wednesday and Thursday. Today, the Contractor moved operations to Main Street where they will remain until early July. The road surface has been milled off and work has begun with the new sanitary sewer main pipe on Main Street. Five trees were removed on Main Street on the north side of the road, between Lake Street and King.

The mailboxes on Main Street were relocated to a bank of mailboxes on the west side of Mears, just north of Main Street.

Here is the work we expect to see take place next week:

More pavement removals will take place on Main Street along with the removal of any curb and gutter, some driveway approaches and some sidewalk ramps.
Sanitary sewer main will continue to be installed from the west end of the project to the east end near Mears.
Consumers and other overhead utilities are working to relocate some utility poles that are in conflict with the new sidewalk and near the intersections.
We do not expect any interruptions of sewer as the existing sewer is still in place and flowing. Driveways will be maintained, but Main Street is closed to thru traffic.