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Construction crews have been very busy in Downtown Whitehall making improvements.  Here is an update of the work performed this past week:


Pocket Park between Catchmark and Bell’s Furniture:

  • Water Service was installed for new bathroom
  • Excavated for footings for new seatwalls


Goodrich Park Parking Lot:

  • 3 Trees Removed – Some were found to be hollow and diseased
  • Silt fence installed, pavement removed for parking lot addition
  • Topsoil stripped and stockpiled


Goodrich Park Fishing Pier:

  • Boom installed at old fishing deck
  • Old fishing deck removed
  • Old sidewalk removed


Work expected the week of April 29, 2024:

  • Electrical installation for lights at Goodrich Park Parking Lot
  • Grading at Goodrich Park Parking lot, including addition of fill material and gravel
  • Pouring concrete seat walls in Pocket Park
  • Installation of new pilings for Fishing Pier


Work expected the week of May 6, 2024:

  • Pour remaining concrete in Pocket Park
  • Continue Grading and leveling at Goodrich Park Parking Lot
  • Pour Concrete curb and Sidewalk repairs at Goodrich Park Parking Lot
  • Begin Installation of new deck at Fishing Pier in Goodrich Park