Progress Report

This week, Dykema:

  • installed water main on Bent Tree Ridge, Wolven Avenue, Stoneridge Drive, and Hopewell Drive.
  • completed driveway restoration on Windstone Drive.
  • started road restoration on Bent Tree Ridge. Paving on Bent Tree Ridge will not take place until after the water services have been installed, but Dykema intends to get the entire road graveled as soon as possible for access.

Next week, Dykema will:

  • complete water main construction on Stoneridge Drive.
  • continue water main construction on Hopewell Drive.
  • pressure test and disinfect the water main in Wolven Avenue, Bent Tree Ridge, and Stoneridge Drive. Once the testing has passed, water service installation will begin on Wolven Avenue.


Please contact a project representative if you have questions or concerns.

What to Expect

  • May
    • Water main construction in 43 North Neighborhood.
    • Water service installation on newly installed main south of 43 North.
  • Long Term
    • As soon as the water main in one area is complete, tested, and ready for water service connections, Plainfield Township will communicate with you to start the process of installing water services on private property.
    • Dykema’s overall project schedule anticipates the total project, including road paving and lawn restoration, being complete in late August 2021.

Anticipated Project Timeline

  • May
    • Windstone Drive restoration
    • Water service installation on Wolven Avenue, south of 43 North entrance
  • May – June
    • Bent Tree Ridge Drive water service installation and restoration
    • Stoneridge Drive water service installation and restoration
  • May – July
    • 43 North water main and water service installation
  • mid-June – July
    • 11 Mile
  • July – August
    • Elstner Drive