It has been two weeks since the last update and much has happened. Every day the site is looking more and more complete with final finishes now being installed outside.  Most of the work is now focused on the north half of the site.  Only a month or two away from completion now!


Work Completed (April 19 – 30)

  • Work on the interior of the restroom continues with plumbing fixtures and electrical items.
  • Exterior paint on the restroom building is nearly complete.
  • Underground work is mostly complete in preparation of the final sidewalk work.
  • Concrete sidewalk on the south half of the project has now been sealed.
  • Pavilion steel is complete and pavilion lighting is partially installed.
  • Sidewalk through the alley and along the pavilion is ongoing.


Anticipated Work Next Week (Weather dependent)

  • Concrete sidewalk will continue.
  • Interior work on the restroom on plumbing, electrical and HVAC will continue.
  • Masonry veneer on seat walls may begin again.